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Advantages of Outsourcing Customer Support

25/10/ 2022   |   USource Team  |   24/7 Customer Support

Customer support remains a crucial part of a business, startup, or establishment. Especially now with the rise of eCommerce, online shoppers expect the buyer experience to be as seamless and convenient as possible.

In 2021, there were 2.14 billion online shoppers around the world and it’s expected to increase as the Internet continues to provide multichannel, reachable eCommerce markets.

With fierce competition and rising barriers to entry, the real challenge is to attract and retain your customers. You need to stay updated on newer consumer trends and unique selling points, all while managing other aspects of your business.

That’s what outsourcing does for you. Outsourced teams act as an extension of your business– they do specialized work you’re supposed to juggle with other responsibilities.

Customer service is one of the largest outsourced functions for businesses. Outsourcing your customer support team offers numerous advantages both to businesses and customers.

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Here we named some of them to help you see the bigger picture.

Money and time-saving

  • Higher return on investment (ROI)
  • No overhead and hiring costs
  • No need to allocate money for equipment

Outsourcing customer support requires less time and money than hiring an in-house staff. Outsourced teams don’t need ramp-up time on onboarding, and outsourcing to offshore teams is less expensive than hiring local specialists.

You don’t need to allocate tools and technology since the outsourced team is already equipped for that. In return, you get higher ROI– you cut costs and save time and money to invest in more significant operations.

One successful outsourcing venture is Google’s. Even with their large pool of employees, they had a hard time managing all their operations, so they outsource to some of the world’s largest BPO companies for Google Ads. Just in 2021, the company raised $209.49 in advertising revenue via its ad platform, demonstrating the incredible ROI of outsourcing.

Quality assurance from highly skilled experts

  • Access to the larger talent pool
  • Highly specialized workforce
  • Deliver effective solutions to customers

59% of customers believe that most businesses should improve their customer service agent training. Indeed, customer service agents only perform well when they’re trained enough, and training your in-house team requires more time, money, and effort.

With outsourced customer support, you acquire already trained agents equipped with relevant experience. You gain access to a high-performing workforce that follows best practices, has the technical expertise, and keeps customers satisfied.

Round-the-clock support

  • 24/7 coverage
  • Accommodate customers in different time zones

The Internet never closes, and your customers might expect you to do the same. They send queries any time of the day, and according to research, 33% of customers are most frustrated by having to wait on hold.

Your in-house team follows the local time in your area, and it takes pay raises and incentives to convince them to work extra hours.

Outsourced customer support solves this problem. Your offshore team covers the hours when onshore teams are off duty, and you don’t need to pay additional fees. Your business now has 24/7 customer support, accommodating customers all over the world, anytime and anywhere.

Business agility

  • Easily scale your operations when market conditions change
  • Increase business’ flexibility and efficiency

Your business adapts to market changes, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with sudden seasonal surges. Hiring, training, and managing in-house employees is costly and time-consuming.

Outsourcing your customer support takes the pressure off of hiring new employees or downsizing your workforce. Whether your business is expanding or downsizing, they have the flexibility and facilities to meet your changing needs.

Improved risk management

  • Gain strong marketing insights from skilled specialists
  • Outsourcing stabilizes business operations

Assessing risks that may come your business way is part of business management, though sometimes, it may be hard to predict things all by yourself.

Outsourced teams naturally have insights into what risks may befall your business, and how to avoid such risks. Outsourcing customer support reduces the risk of losing your customers because you work with skilled customer service professionals.

Outsourcing also helps with the overall balance of your business, ensuring that the company is at lower risk. This makes the business a more viable option for investors to invest in, leading to your business’ growth.

Less pressure on an in-house team

  • More time for an in-house team to recharge
  • Increases in-house team productivity

Having an outsourced team for customer support reduces the extra workload your in-house team carries. Answering customer queries requires patience, and your in-house team cannot stay patient if they’re stressed and overworked.

Outsourcing customer support reduces such pressure and stress, thus, making your in-house team more productive and fit to fulfill their duties.

Streamlined customer experience

  • Faster response times
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increase customer loyalty

Your business’ growth lies in repeat customers. According to research, 89% of customers are more likely to buy again after a satisfying customer service experience. Outsourced customer support teams reply to customer concerns fast and expertly, based on their skills and experience, thus, delivering a good customer experience.

Unless you have employees dedicated to customer service, they might juggle it with other tasks, leading to delayed response times. Outsourced customer support teams focus on customers’ queries and respond to customers faster and with better solutions.

All these contribute to a good buying experience, which develops customer loyalty and word-of-mouth– two things that translate into a better and stronger bottom line.

Outsourcing customer support brings benefits and improvement both business-wise and customer-wise. A great business does not only offer good products and services, but it also provides satisfying customer support.

Building good relationships with customers is the heart of the business, and leveraging skilled specialists to satisfy customers is a wise move to mobilize and revamp your workforce.