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Outsourcing customer support to the Philippines helps you build customer loyalty and ensure client VIP-treatment, while reducing costs and time involvement.

Word of mouth or just one viral post about your customer support can immensely impact the reputation of your business. When the market is saturated with so many similar and unique competitors, customer service makes you stand out.

Join other Australian companies who have found their customer support engine room with US.

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Email and Chat Support: Stay on top of your inboxes. We help our clients provide customers a convenient way to directly express their concerns in real time. From ticketing setup to management, we can compose and send templates and custom replies.
Nurturing and engagement: Send out relevant, valuable content and offers to nudge leads and customers toward conversion or upsells. We manage segmentation and data for drip campaigns.
Customer Helpdesk: The lifeblood for Australian businesses in ecommerce. Our clients leverage outsourcing for prompt responses, round the clock. We have a team to accommodate Australian time zones.
Inbound and Outbound Calls Management: Provide insightful and timely information and appropriate solutions to your customers and keep track of issues raised and resolutions done internally. We help our clients connect with their clients and providers.
Invoicing and Collections: Make it easier for your business to recognise spending patterns and see cashflow trends. We use the latest tools to help with invoicing and access data for customer queries.

The advantages of outsourcing customer support to the Philippines

More flexibility

When the queues are quiet and when you have seasonal spikes of armageddon, you can scale down or up to stay on top of the support volume you need. Our clients from the United States have either one specialist or an entire team manning their helpdesk.


Considerably lower expenses and rates than if you hire in-house or delegate to a local agency in Australia.

Vibrant demographics

Our team consists of trained and experienced professionals who gain an innate understanding in technology to leverage better business practices.

Improved Efficiency

Outsourcing can help improve the efficiency of your customer support processes. At USource, we can also recommend tools, platforms, and tried-and-tested techniques to streamline the way you work.

Reduced legal liabilities

The dedicated team members working on the project are full-time employees of USource, Inc. and are compliant with Philippine employment, labor, and tax laws.

Your quick guide to outsourcing customer support to the Philippines

Understand the provider’s training and hiring practices and be clear with your needs and your own SOP.
Mesh your team’s existing training with your own guidelines and standards. If you don’t have it yet, we can help establish standards for your customer support.

Look for flexibility and scalability.
Your outsourced customer support should be tailored to your specific needs. Sure, there are packages you can start with, but once you define your needs in the first step, you should be able to get a customised service, which is what we give our clients.

Prepare a task trial.
With USource, this trial task can consist of a mock call, a trial email/chat response, or some other data or content task. This discovery period goes both ways: you get to see your team’s abilities and we also see the scope of the work. The result is a complete picture we can use to start working together as smoothly as possible.

Outsourcing Services Philippines – Companies choose USource for…

We can assist you with a single ready-to-start team member, or help your company outsource, grow and build an outsourced team, based in the Philippines, across multiple services.


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