Can my assistant help with strategy and direction of my business?

You’re in charge of steering the ship and you choose the direction of your business. Our assistants provide you with the horsepower to get more done behind the scenes. They’re skilled in task oriented, clerical and specialised duties, giving you back the time to focus on planning, strategy and growing your business.

Remember, you set the tasks, you set the agenda, you set the requirements.

Our assistants don’t need micromanaging but here are some tips to help your assistant slip seamlessly in to your business or project:

  • Provide an outline of what you are trying to achieve
  • Set clear objectives and milestones
  • Provide training manuals, documents and “how to” videos
  • Create step-by-step instructions
  • Keep communication open and regular
  • Remember they are part of your team
Can my assistant work on weekends and public holidays?

Yes, your virtual assistant is available to work on weekends and public holidays, if required. The fees for working outside standard business hours are:

Saturday: Standard Rate x 1.25
Sunday: Standard Rate x 1.5
Public Holidays: Standard Rate x 2

Can my virtual assistant make and receive phone calls?

Currently assistants cannot take and receive calls from from your customers, however if you need a cost-effective solution please Contact Us with your requirements.

How do I get started?

Simple. Lets go…

STEP 1 Getting Started

Just fill in our contact form or select a plan. Once you have done that here’s the process:

STEP 2 Review

The information you provide will be used to select an assistant with the best skill set and previous experience to slot directly in to your workflow and start delivering results.

STEP 3 Interview

Jump on Skype, have a chat with your assistant. They’re hear to help you and want to become part of your business.

STEP 4 Payment

You will be required to make payment before your assistant starts work. We offer a 100% Refund if you change your mind in the first 7 days.

STEP 5 Delegate

Now it’s time to get to work. You set the tasks, you set the agenda. The more time you invest in your assistant, the better the results for your business.

What happens to my work if my assistant is sick?

We operate a buddy system so that your mission critical work will be addressed. In the theatre industry they call it an understudy, we call it a buddy. Someone who can step in if your assistant is sick or there is some other issue that prevents them from working.

Your assistant’s buddy will be kept up-to-date and will have access to your information so there is a seamless transition in the event they need to start working with very little notice.

What hours can my assistant work?

The majority of our assistants work an 8 hour day with flexible start times between 6.00am – 6.00pm (GMT+8) as they are based in the Philippines.

We understand some clients would prefer their assistant to work directly with them during their working day. If this is a requirement for you please let us know.

Where are your virtual assistants located?

Assistants are located in the Philippines, however we work with clients all over the world including United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and other countries.

There is a reason why start-up businesses to large multi-nationals are outsourcing to the Philippines. The cost savings are significant but it doesn’t stop there:

  • Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking country in the world
  • 400,000 college graduates produced per year
  • Western-oriented culture


Are your plans inclusive of Tax?

Australia – 10% GST will be added to your invoice for your selected plan.

Other Locations – If you’re located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or any other country you will not be required to pay tax.

Can I switch plans?

Yes. Our plans are flexible so you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime and your plan will be adjusted for the next monthly payment.

Do any unused hours get carried over to the next month?

If you have decided on a dedicated virtual assistant who is working full-time, 160 hours per month, any unused hours do not carry over to the next month.

Just like any employee of your business it is up to you plan and fill your assistant’s schedule with work tasks. It’s your responsibility as a boss to keep the work flowing and to provide the training so they are completely integrated in to your business.

If you find you can’t provide 160 hours of work you can always switch to the Starter or Task Master Plans the following month where an assistant will be on-demand to complete your tasks as they come up.

Remember: We suggest developing short, medium and long term tasks with a priority scale so your assistant always has work. Also, you’re dedicated virtual assistant is exactly that, your assistant. They can help you with personal tasks too, not just tasks relating to your business. If it can be done online they can help.

Be aggressive in delegating tasks and invest time in to training your VA so they really can make you superhuman!

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes we offer a 7 day, 100% money back guarantee. Try our services for an entire week. You will get to see your assistant in action and realise you need more assistants helping to grow your business, not less.

If you decide it’s not for you just let us know within 7 days and we will refund your money in full.

How do I pay?

Once you have decided to reclaim your time and grow your business by hiring an assistant we will email you an invoice which can be paid by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.

Payment is required before your assistant can start working.

How much do you charge for extra hours?

Depending on the plan you have chosen you can purchase additional hours at the standard rate quoted – View Pricing Plans.

If your assistant exceeds your selected plan’s allocation of hours for the month the additional hours will be added to the following month’s payment at the standard rate.

What is the availability of my assistant?

For Skilled and Seasoned plans:

  • Your assistant will be available for 160 hours in any given month
  • Monday – Friday
  • Between 6am – 6pm (GMT+8) for 8 consecutive hours per day
  • Weekend time can be allocated depending on your requirements


Can my assistant work with project management tools?

Yes. Our preferred project management tool is Teamwork PM. When you become a client of USource you will be set up with a client account. You can:

  • Manage task in real-time so there is no outdated or lost information
  • Add new tasks, leave comments, set deadlines, edit existing tasks and more
  • Request your assistant uses a time tracker to record their work
  • Login with your own username and password to collaborate with your assistant

If you’re already using another project management application our assistants can slot in to your existing workflow. Here is a snapshot of just a number of software applications assistants use.

What is the difference between Social Media Posting, Social Media Updates and Social Media Management?

The plan you choose will determine the level of support you receive from your assistant in managing your social media properties.

  • Social Media Posting (Task Master & Starter Plans) – Your assistant can publish posts created by you to your social media properties. You will be in charge of organising the content, including text and images to be used.
  • Social Media Updating (Skilled Plan) – Your assistant can publish posts created by you to your social media properties. Plus they will be responsible for responding to, liking and favouriting existing comments.
  • Social Media Management (Seasoned Plan) – Responsible for managing your social media properties. Your assistant can – find suitable images, copywrite the post, create suitable hastags, develop a content schedule for future posts, respond to comments, conduct social media research and set up Facebook Advertising.
What is the difference between Website Publishing, Website Updates and Website Management?

The plan you choose will determine the level of support you receive from your assistant in managing your social media properties.

    • Website Publishing (Starter Plan) – Your assistant can publish information created by you to your website. This includes articles, blog posts or any other content generated by you. You will be 100% in charge of organising the content.
    • Website Updates (Skilled Plan) – Your assistant can publish posts and information created by you, edit existing content, revise title tags, meta descriptions, install plugins, update records and assist with basic maintenance of your website. Your assistant wont provide copywriting or programming assistance.
    • Website Management (Seasoned Plan) – Responsible for managing your website. Your assistant can – copywrite articles and blog posts, update website records, assist with order processing, manage reviews and comments, respond to customer queries or any other website task you have in mind.
    • Programming & Development – We leave this to the experts. Our assistants are trained to be professional virtual assistants, not programmers. If you require the services of a programmer or developer Contact Us and we will link you up with one of our programmers.