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Micro Jobs: From Factories to Working in the Cloud – Infographic

3/08/ 2015   |   USource  |   Outsourcing

The industry gave birth to factories and nine-to-five jobs. Technology has given birth to the cloud and round-the-clock, flexible working hours. Disruption is not just being caused by companies like Uber and Airbnb, technology is disrupting the way we work, where we work, and who does the work.

Rather than ONE career, people have multi-layered micro careers powered by multiple skills and competencies–which have also been made accessible by the cloud. It’s a happy and profitable cycle for everyone. Employers save time and money by hiring the best freelancers with the right skill set for every task.

Freelancers take on jobs, finish jobs, and learn skills for more jobs, and it makes them flexible and efficient virtual assistants.

Both freelancers and employers can exchange hats and become employers and freelancers themselves. This is the age of micro-careers. “Cloud” is a great name, because the sky is the limit for every person’s potential and profitability.

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