Hire: Digital Marketing Assistant



USource Digital Marketing Assistants are ready to go. There’s no long hiring process or short listing. They work for us and can be integrated in to your business and completing your marketing tasks within 24 hours.

Digital Marketing Assistants are generalist roles, all-rounders, who are best given a defined project or task list shared through project management software. Depending on the assistant they can cover a range of marketing initiatives:

  • Support Owner or Marketing Team
  • Execute on Defined Marketing Strategy
  • Manage Brand and Marketing Activities
  • Execute Marketing Campaigns
  • Generate Marketing Reports
  • Schedule Marketing Tasks
  • Perform Market and Competitor Research
  • Assist with Paid and Digital Advertising
  • Assist with Social Media Management
  • Provide Search Engine Optimization support

Depending on your requirements we have degree qualified marketers, from entry level right through to advanced marketing assistants. They can work as part of an existing team, or we can provide you with a 100% outsoured and remote marketing solution.

Our marketers are experienced in working with international domestic markets, or cross-border marketing campaigns which span:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • South East Asia

If your business requires specialist marketing skills or you’re looking to outsource your entire marketing operations, we have advanced team members available for:

  • Data & Analytics Specialists
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists
  • Content & Copywriters
  • Graphic Design & Video Editors
  • Conversions & Funnel Optimization Specialists
  • Search Engine Marketer (PPC, Paid Ads, Social Ads)
  • Inbound Marketers
  • Marketing Automation Specialists
  • Email Marketers

Digital marketing assistants come in all shapes and sizes, colors and flavors. Although there is a convergence on marketing skills required for an online business it will also depend on where you business is in its digital journey. The product or service, and the size of your business will also impact the types of marketers needed…and lets not forget your marketing stack – what are the apps, software and platforms your businesses uses for marketing.

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