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The ROI of Hiring Skilled Virtual Assistants

26/10/ 2022   |   USource Team  |   Outsourcing

Let’s talk about the return of investment. How does a virtual assistant expand, grow, scale up and upgrade your business when it costs you money to have one or a team of them?

In the beginning stages of a company’s life on the web, the proprietor typically wears numerous hats.

A typical entrepreneur must act in a variety of roles, including writer, editor, copywriter, graphic designer, marketer, psychologist, administrator, moderator, creator, typist, and customer support representative.

Outsourcing to skilled freelancers or an outsourcing company is an investment. What your outsourced team brings to the table for your business and personal brand ARE investments.

Divert and divide that time and money you’d spend on building your reputation instead.

The background essentials–technical, social, administrative– are taken care of by your virtual assistants, while YOU take care of the core productivity and growth of your enterprise.

Virtual assistants make you look good.

VAs can make you look good
Multiple skill sets are common among virtual assistants. They are capable of more than merely answering the phone, making appointments, and entering data.
In reality, 60% or more of virtual assistants hold degrees from four-year institutions.

Several are capable of handling essential company tasks including email marketing, content development, project management, and social media campaigns.

  • Well-written profiles and fresh website content
  • Daily interaction in your social pages
  • Finding, connecting and interacting with influencers in your niche
  • An attractive, easy navigation on your site, online and on mobile
  • Witty and memorable text-and-graphic posts
  • Promptness in correspondence, social media replies with colleagues and influencers  in your niche
  • Promptness in customer service
  • A targeted online presence in the most effective social platforms and forums for your niche
  • Up-to-date in your practices and the business tools you use
  • SEO that makes you visible
  • Community building

As we say in USource, we make you superhuman by doing the tasks you don’t have the time to do, know how to do or want to do…

Many startup entrepreneurs feel the need to ‘start small’.

That has a different definition today. It’s the age of the job marketplace. By all means, start small, but start smart! That means outsourcing each task as needed, NOT trying to DIY everything and ending up with sub-par, amateur work that would only turn off your potential customers and peers.

Who’d trust and want to associate with you if you don’t look good?

Virtual assistants CAN get you customers without spending money

VAs can get you customers without spending money
You do want a marketing strategy, too. But in the meantime, virtual assistants work to leverage what’s already out there for use–it’s part of their expertise.

Your admin/web specialist gathers useful insights through analytics and existing data from other sites with a similar audience.

Your content writer / social media specialist hypnotizes your audience into doing your marketing for you through viral interactions (puzzles, quizzes) and incentivized shares, retweets, reviews.

Entertainment, acknowledgment and community in exchange for word of mouth!

Like jokes too funny not to share, puzzles too mind-boggling and clever to not pass along… The irresistible chance to show off their picture-taking skills alongside a review of your product or service…

A team of skilled virtual assistants research, create and keep track, all toward making your target audience find you and fall in love with you.

Social media, correspondence and content campaigns expand your network and establish your brand awareness without the need to pay for ads or big name blogs for exposure.

Oh, you submit for guest posts, but your virtual assistants can form relationships within your business circle, so that rather than an exchange of money, it’s quid pro quo: this for that, backlinks for articles, a review for backlinks, etc.

You do things for ‘free’ and you get things for ‘free’. It’s the reality of an online presence. You don’t get paid for your informative and valuable posts. But if your writer, social media specialist and graphic designer are wonderful at what they do, your target audience will do marketing for you– without getting paid either!

The 80/20 Rule of Virtual Assistant ROI

The 80/20 rule of virtual assistant ROI
You’ll have a better idea of what needs to be delegated once you’ve decided which duties can be automated and/or eliminated. With this clearer in mind, you’ll know exactly what you’re responsible for and what you may delegate to your potential Virtual Assistant.

It’s recommended that you zero in on the 20% of activities that provide 80% of your outcomes. Put your efforts where they will bring in the most money, and hand off the tasks that are necessary but not core to your expertise.

Having a well-defined set of procedures can help you and your virtual assistant achieve your productivity and return on investment goals.

Consider outsourcing a resource, not an expense

Consider outsourcing a resource not an expense
Professionalism is a good investment. Store owners – both bricks and mortar and ecommerce – spend money on making their storefronts appealing. The same goes for the ‘background’ tasks. People notice them like graffiti, or like a gorgeous glass and stone facade with a striped awning and a flower box of unassuming daisies and geraniums.

Your clients and competitors can always tell when you hired professionals for your business. Hiring skilled virtual assistants shows in a well-put together brand, which means you have good taste, good intentions and great service. You attract clients–and you get ahead of your competitors.

Every business owner will tell you they need and want a long-term, reliable partner. 97% of VAs say they are satisfied with their positions, so you won’t have to worry as much about turnover causing problems for your business.

Training a new employee every few months might be a hassle that distracts from getting the job done.

It’s a prevalent myth that business owners won’t be able to hire a virtual assistant who will give the position their whole attention.

Though some virtual assistants work just sometimes or independently, the majority (59%) consider VA work to be their primary occupation. Therefore, it is doable to outsource your tasks and they do work 40 hours per week for your business, according to need.

Hiring a virtual assistant on the side does not necessarily result in divided loyalty.

While you create your service and product, VAs do the work to make you found by your target audience, and also work to make your brand worthy of interest and interaction (and purchase!) upon being found.

Don’t juggle. Focus. Delegate. Start smart.