ROI of Skilled Virtual Assistants

The ROI of Hiring Skilled Virtual Assistants

15/09/ 2015   |   USource Team  |   Outsourcing

Let’s talk return of investment. How does a virtual assistant “expand” “grow” “scale up” and “upgrade” your business when it costs you money to have one or a team of them?

Skilled freelancers are investments. What they bring to the table for your business and personal brand ARE investments.

Instead of YOU attempting everything, you get professionals. Logos. Cover images. Daily social media posts and engagement. Emails! No one would have the time to focus on growth if they had to do all that, not to mention the time wasted if you try to teach yourself and learn them, when in actuality all you want to do is get on with what you already know and are good at.

Divert and divide that time and money you’d spend on building your reputation instead!

The background essentials–technical, social, administrative– are taken care of by your virtual assistants, while YOU take care of the core productivity and growth of your enterprise.

Aside from the usual bookkeeping and data organization tasks, there are TWO sides on HOW VA’S RETURN YOUR INVESTMENT on their salaries:

virtual assistant roi infographic

Virtual assistants make you look good.

  • Well-written profiles and fresh website content
  • Daily interaction in your social pages
  • Finding, connecting and interacting with influencers in your niche
  • An attractive, easy navigation on your site, online and on mobile
  • Witty and memorable text-and-graphic posts
  • Promptness in correspondence, social media replies with colleagues and influencers  in your niche
  • Promptness in customer service
  • A targeted online presence in the most effective social platforms and forums for your niche
  • Up-to-date in your practices and the business tools you use
  • SEO that makes you visible
  • Community building

As we say in USource, we make you superhuman.

Many startup entrepreneurs feel the need to ‘start small’.

That has a different definition today. It’s the age of the job marketplace. By all means, start small, but start smart! That means outsourcing each task as needed, NOT trying to DIY everything and ending up with sub-par, amateur work that would only turn off your potential customers and peers.

Who’d trust and want to associate with you if you don’t look good?

Professionalism is a good investment. Store owners spend money on making their storefronts appealing. The same goes for the ‘background’ tasks. People notice them like graffiti, or like a gorgeous glass and stone facade with a striped awning and a flower box of unassuming daisies and geraniums.

Your clients and competitors can always tell when you hired professionals for your business. Hiring skilled virtual assistants shows in a well-put together brand, which means you have good taste, good intentions and great service. You attract clients–and you get ahead of your competitors.

Virtual assistants get you customers without spending money

You can strike marketing from your budget.

Is that too controversial and unbelievable? Virtual assistants work to leverage what’s already out there for use–it’s part of their expertise.

Your admin/web specialist gathers useful insights through free analytics and existing data from other sites with a similar audience.

Your content writer/social media specialist hypnotizes your audience into doing your marketing for you through viral interactions (puzzles, quizzes) and incentivized shares, retweets, reviews.

Entertainment, acknowledgment and community in exchange for word of mouth!

Like jokes too funny not to share, puzzles too mind-boggling and clever to not pass along… The irresistible chance to show off their picture-taking skills alongside a review of your product or service…

A team of skilled virtual assistants research, create and keep track, all toward making your target audience find you and fall in love with you.

Social media, correspondence and content campaigns expand your network and establish your brand awareness without the need to pay for ads or big name blogs for exposure.

Oh, you submit for guest posts, but your virtual assistants can form relationships within your business circle, so that rather than an exchange of money, it’s quid pro quo: this for that, backlinks for articles, a review for backlinks, etc.

You do things for ‘free’ and you get things for ‘free’. It’s the reality of an online presence. You don’t get paid for your informative and valuable posts. But if your writer, social media specialist and graphic designer are wonderful at what they do, your target audience will do marketing for you– without getting paid either!

While you create your service and product, VAs do the work to make you found by your target audience, and also work to make your brand worthy of interest and interaction (and purchase!) upon being found.

Don’t juggle. Focus. Delegate. Start smart.