The VA Generations: How to Work Smart With Millenials

9/11/ 2015   |   USource Team  |   Uncategorized

It’s the age of younger but skilled freelancers. More than ever, age is only a number. But it also comes with certain traits. Here’s a guide on how to work smart with your Millennial virtual assistants.

The digital marketplace and collaborative economy has shifted the worldview on ‘experience.’ It no longer means years. It’s now simply hands-on work, a portfolio showcasing what a professional has done and can do.  

These days, a 20-year-old graphic designer can have an impressive portfolio. Fresh from college but with work completed for various entities! Or 25-29-year-old web developers and writers can have several websites’ content of varying niches under their belts.

Meanwhile, there’s still no replacing the years of experience of financial and legal professionals.

Entrepreneurs, big and small, inevitably have a mix of generations in their virtual office. Here at USource, we always tell you to work smart. Part of that is being a smart employer, and a smart employer knows there doesn’t have to be a clash of worldview and ethos between X-ers and Y-ers.

Table1 (1)— That doesn’t mean Gen X people aren’t multitaskers. Their independence often translates to a preference to making their own choices in what to do, as much as how to do them.

— That doesn’t mean Gen Y virtual assistants always want teams. For instance, I know fellow writers my age who prefer staying in the ‘backstage’, working alone.

Ultimately, there’s no mold and no shirt color for either Gen X and Gen Y. A smart employer simply has to be flexible.

Virtual assistants bend backwards to accommodate their clients.

In turn, smart employers should be willing to compromise, step back, and realize that a Millennial’s proposal of procedure DOES NOT hamper results. It usually doesn’t.

There’s a story about a Boomer boss who disliked Millennials because they all wanted to work from home. Well. If the work could be done from home, why not? (Working from home = more productivity!)

Don’t lose out on excellent and skilled virtual assistants through rigidity.

I’m happy to observe that more and more Boomers have become ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ (their words). As for Gen X, they adapt so well to the age of tech.

The following manager-methods are identified for each of the generations, but interchangeable between them, certainly, depending on the individual.

Do YOU identify yourself as a Gen X or a Millennial employer or freelancer?

Table2 (1)

These are typical traits, not stereotypes. Drop preconceptions, start smart, and compromise as you go. Smooth sailing with virtual assistants depend on good feeling from both parties. Good feeling comes from warm consideration. Technology can be cold–but people are people because of warmth.