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Top 7 Reasons Why Every Start-Up Should Have a Virtual Assistant

19/12/ 2014   |   Jenny Florendo  |   Digital Support Staff

No matter how small or big your business may be, having digital support staff is an absolute necessity. If you’re a busy individual with a start-up or a growing business, you quickly realise there aren’t enough hours in a day.

You need to be the strategist, the accountant, counselor, social media expert, customer service representative as well as have some semblance of a life. That’s a lot to juggle. Something usually ends up breaking, and in many cases what breaks is you.

Just because you are just starting up your own business does not mean that it is small enough for you to do everything on your own. This is where virtual assistants come in and I have provided some points for you to consider why hiring one is a must.

1. You can’t handle everything

Entrepreneurs, especially of start-up businesses, are extremely busy. Unless you have the ability to be at two places at one time, you cannot possibly meet up with prospective clients for lunch and some tea afterwards, produce publicity materials, create your products, and promote them online or offline. By having your own virtual assistant, you can focus on more pressing matters that you should personally oversee and cannot allocate to anybody else without worrying too much about how and when the other tasks will be completed.

2. Delegating to your digital support staff will lessen your workload and increase your concentration

Digital support staffs exist to help you with the most mundane of tasks that you would rather not do. The time you use up encoding data to make it digitally available and responding to queries will take a huge chunk of your time – time that is best used for other things. Instead of drowning yourself in paperwork and other similar tasks, you can delegate those to your digital support staff and have him or her, or even them, respond to emails of customers, suppliers, and other people, and various administrative tasks.

While you handle growth instead.

3. Virtual assistants are inexpensive

You can opt to only get their services whenever you need to. You can choose to hire them only for a specific period, e.g. only when you need a specific task completed, and you can also set how many hours they should work per day or per week. Virtual Assistants also have lower rates compared to personal assistants. You don’t need to provide them with paid vacation leaves, health care and other benefits because they are personally responsible for those. However, this does not mean that you can abuse this fact and pay them less than what they deserve.

4. You can get ideas you might not be able to think of by yourself

Brainstorm with your Digital Staff

Brainstorming is always best when there is more than one mind involved. With start-ups, this task usually falls into the hands of the entrepreneur, especially if it is just a one-man team. Since virtual assistants know nearly everything that is involved in the business, they can provide valuable input and suggestions to make your ideas and products even better. While you ask them to take care of everything related to the inventory of your products, they may be able to come up with a new system to make the task easier for the both of you.

5. No need to provide a desk and office supplies for your assistant

Personal assistants need their own desks, computers, paper clips, writing materials, and other office supplies for their work. Virtual assistants, on the other hand, do not need you to provide all those things. Hiring one is like having an all-in-one package – aside from manpower, they will also be the one to provide whatever they need to accomplish the tasks given to them. After all, they only need a computer and an internet connection, which they already have, to do their work.

6. You get to have some privacy yet be able to reach your assistant when you need to

When your home also doubles as your office, it is awkward, not to mention uncomfortable, to have staff come and stay for hours to work. Virtual assistants eliminate this because, like you, they also work from their own homes. Unless you hire one that lives nearby whom you also ask to personally report to you every so often, you will hardly have any face-to-face contact with virtual assistants. You wouldn’t be disturbed by insistent phone calls from someone in your office because your primary correspondence is through email and the occasional Skype calls and video chats if you prefer it.

7. Virtual assistants need little to no training at all

Many of the virtual assistants out there already have some experience in doing various tasks so there is no need to allot some time for their training. Simply give them precise instructions and they will be able to do what you ask of them. For those just starting out in the field but you see some potential, you can first give them the simplest tasks until they get the hang of it.

Finding the perfect virtual assistant is not as hard as it seems right now. There are plenty of websites where you can register to in order to find one. These virtual assistants can come from all over the world. Many entrepreneurs, like you, recommend hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines for various reasons. For one, English is also one of the country’s official languages so communication is hardly a problem. They are also known to be among the most hardworking people out there so you know that you are definitely getting your money’s worth. When it comes to work, they are recognised for their independence so you could literally leave them alone with only your instructions and get the output you need from them.

Digital support staff definitely make your workload easier. Haven’t you hired one yet?