Digital Customer Support & Back Office Outsourcing


24/7 customer support and back office staff and teams.


From small, to big. We have back office staff available 24 hours / 7 days for ecommerce, online businesses and companies which need time critical customer support operations.

Regardless of your geographical location we can be working when you’re not.

  • Non-Voice Customer Support (Digital)
  • Pre & Post Purchase Support
  • Application & Identity Verification
  • Online Order Processing
  • Billing, Invoice & Account Management
  • Email Customer Support
  • Live Chat
  • Back Office Support
  • Ticket Management – Zendesk, Freshdesk
  • Digital & Cloud Based Workers

Choose your team members or team from three 8 hour shifts depending on your location:

We understand digital. We’re not a call center trying to be all things. Digital is in our DNA, and when it comes to the pre and post purchase support your online customers need, we have your back.

We don’t stop there – tell us your operational requirements – we can help with digital transformation and providing you with scalable staff resources to tackle digital and cloud based work.


Digital Support at all Touchpoints

We’re a digital agency that looks beyond the lead and the sale. Sure it’s a big part of what we do, but we’re here to support your business, and your customers, completely. Disjointed outsourcing strategies with multiple digital partners creates roadblocks and mixed results. USource can help remove those roadblocks by assisting your business with:

  • Client Acquisition: All the top, middle and bottom of funnel aspects – advertising, design, development, copywriting, email marketing, SEO, data interpretation, live chat.
  • Client Retention: Order processing, account and identity verification, omnichannel customer support, billing, invoicing, ticket handling and back office services through the cloud to keep your customers happy and your business operating smoothly.

Cross-Channel Customer Support

We’re where your customers are – Social Media, Live Chat, Email, Mobile Apps, SMS – when they need to speak to you. Never miss a conversation, a lead or a sale. We’re here, we have your back and your customers hand. Whether your clients are in need of pre or post sales support, customer service or technical advice our team members thrive on omni-channel digital support.

Mission Critical Back Office Operations

No two companies are the same. Some are starting out. Others are industry heavyweights. Whether you’re looking for 2-3 full-time back office staff, or you need mission critical customer and operation support across large scale teams (20-100+ team members) – rotating 24 hours, 365 days – we’re the engine room, the hidden faces and resources that make it happen.