Hire a Basecamp Productivity Manager


Hire a Basecamp Productivity Manager

Work better together with Basecamp, it’s more than just a project management tool but a great platform for productivity.

Quickly transition your team to remote work and break down your work into easily digestible projects while containing everything you need.

Improve your project workflow and keep everyone in the loop with the tools provided all in one place whether it be on the Web, IOS, or even Android. Keep every email organized and communicate easily with less need for meetings. Our agents here at USource will be happy to assist you and your business.

Create an easy to work environment for your team and promote efficiency in the workplace with Basecamp and USource. Break up your projects into easily contained tasks and keep track of everything you need in one organized location. Basecamp projects keep everything organized by default so no need to worry about the time.

Every project that you start with Basecamp will include the following customizable tools:

  • Message Board
  • To-dos
  • Schedule
  • Docs & Files
  • Group Chat
  • Automatic Check-ins

Basecamp also provides Hill Charts that give you the missing context that lets you spot problems and course-correct before deadlines. Not only can you take a different perspective on your goals, but you’ll also be able to allow your team to rally around a single app for day to day work.



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