We take your online security seriously

For the security of client information and adherence to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) all files shared with your team member or team are stored in a centralised encrypted vault. Passwords and sensitive information is encrypted with the strongest encryption standard (AES-256).

Send passwords and sensitive data to your team member via our encrypted dropzone.

All sensitive data is centrally controlled by a compliance officer – not by your team member or team – so they never have access to your passwords or login information.

Sharing Passwords

Only share passwords or highly sensitive information via our encrypted file sharing service.

When sharing files with your USource team member/s we highly recommend:

Sharing passwords by email, Skype or other unsecure methods can leave your business exposed to a security breach.

Storing Passwords – LastPass

All client passwords are stored in LastPass for another layer of security. Once the login information is added to LastPass by the compliance officer your team member will be able to login to your websites through the LastPass extension.

What you can do

These simple measures will help to keep your online accounts secure:

  • Only share temporary passwords – If you use any regular passwords please change them before commencing a project.
  • Once your project¬†is completed please change your password so it’s only known to you
  • Never share credit cards, unless otherwise agreed. All transactions should be managed by you.

Comments & Questions

Our internal compliance officer will keep your sensitive information secure and protected. If you need assistance please contact [email protected]