Hire a Tailwind Specialist


Hire a Tailwind Specialist

Tailwind, the social media scheduling app that gets your business results fast. Boost your Instagram marketing, and find the best times to post and recommended hashtags to drive engagement.

When on social media, you need to stay ahead of the game. Start scheduling out your plans and get results in less time. Whether you want your efforts to be focused on Pinterest or Instagram, Tailwind can help you engage better with your audience by growing your reach and driving more traffic to the content that you provide.

Tailwind offers plenty of features such as user-friendly analytics for both you and your Tailwind assistant; create pins easily to keep the content rolling, save time, and you will be able to schedule your content like a pro through drag and drop features.

Accelerate your social growth on Pinterest and Instagram and save time to focus your efforts on what you think is best. Using the features that Tailwind provides offers plenty of possibilities in one tool.

Tailwind members get 1.8x more likes on Instagram & 6.9x more Repins on Pinterest through the following features:

  • Tailwind Tribes
  • SmartLoop

Tailwind Tribes will allow you to reach new niches and grow your customer base to find visitors who would be interested in what you offer. With the help of USource, you can build from the ground up a friendly, manageable community ready to engage with at any time.

Tailwind Tribes helps you grow faster by:

  • Helping you find high-quality content to share from people you trust.
  • Reach New, Highly-Receptive Audiences.
  • Meet new influencers in your space and deepen your existing connections.
  • Measure engagement and potential reach right in an easy to use dashboard.

SmartLoop will make it easy for you to reshare your best Pinterest pins for the best times of engagement. No need for any complex spreadsheets and repetitive setups. USource will help you manage your schedules for the maximum potential you could attain.

SmartLoop will keep you relevant through the following features:

  • Add your Pins to SmartLoop and have re-circulated indefinitely.
  • Find out which is your best-performing Pins.
  • Change your pins automatically to suit the season.
  • Safely share with the best practices in mind.

Get started with creating easy schedules with our Tailwind specialists and start growing your reach.



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