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DashThis allows users to create and share reports with the use of dashboards. Using dashboards for analytics is an effective way to present and review data. Dashboards are designed to lay out information and data to be able to view it at a glance.

Integrate your marketing platforms into DashThis. Combine data from multiple sources into one dashboard. Allowing you to get a birds eye view of your overall marketing strategy.

Create and customize your own dashboard. Choose among templates or create your own dashboard. DashThis gives you the ability to choose what data you want to display in your own dashboard. The use of widgets give you more accessibility to your data.

Easily send and share your dashboards. DashThis offers a variety of ways for you to share your dashboard. Get shareable links or export your dashboard into file formats like PDF.


The online dashboard maker for analytics

DashThis is an online analytics tool where you can create dashboards for your data. Connect multiple analytics and advertising platforms into DashThis. Visualize your data with the use of dashboards, graphs, and widgets. DashThis also lets you easily share your dashboard and reports to other users.

Integrate Platforms

    • Connect your DashThis account with over 34 marketing tools like: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube, Twitter, Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, and more.


    • Use the dedicated CSV File Manager to merge custom data into DashThis. You can upload and create dashboards for your custom data. You can even combine your custom data with datasets from other platforms.


  • Display a combination of data from different sources into one dashboard. It enables you to review your overall key performance indicator (KPI) and return on investments (ROI) per campaign, across multiple platforms.

Create Dashboards

    • Create your own dashboard or use preset templates. Personalize your dashboard with your business branding. Automate your analytics workflow by setting up dashboards to view data at a glance.


    • Choose among highly customizable dashboards: Periodic Dashboards to display reports by calendar periods. Rolling Dashboards help you monitor trends in your data. Campaign Dashboards are useful in displaying data within custom dates.


  • Add Widgets into your Dashboard. Widgets display metrics, dimensions and different graph styles. Choose between Preset Widgets, Custom Widgets, or use Static Widgets for adding comments and post notes.

Share Dashboards

    • Get Google-like sharing capabilities with DashThis. As a cloud based analytics tool, there are a variety of ways to share and send your dashboard to your clients or peers.


    • Use shareable links for quick and easy access directly to your dashboard. You can also create groups or folders for multiple dashboards then share the access URL.


  • Set DashThis to send email notifications to recipients within a specific period (daily monthly or weekly). To get a printable version of your dashboard, export as PDF is also available.

Cut down time from your analytics workflow. Work with our DashThis specialists to help you setup and integrate your advertising platforms. We can set up dashboards for you and customize it based on your preferences. If you require data analysis, our specialists are also trained to provide an assessment of your data.


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