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Hire ecommerce product description writers to make your products stand out online.

An effective product description can create a difference in how your customers visualize your product.

Your product may have the best solution to your buyer’s problem, but it will be challenging for them to find it among millions of products online — if you’re not optimizing your descriptions.

Product descriptions are created both for SEO purposes and your target audience. Tickle the senses of your customers and make them excited to buy your products. With compelling and optimized copy, you can turn your casual browsers into paying customers.

Our ecommerce product description writers can help your business reach the right audience by creating a customized product descriptions. We can turn your product’s benefits, function, and features into creative copy that touch on your target customers’ pain points, motivating them to take action and buy your products.


Create audience-friendly copy that provides relevant and vital product information

Our knowledge about inbound marketing allows us to create ecommerce product descriptions that focus on your goals and how your product can help solve buyer’s pain points.

Our eCommerce product description writers can deliver engaging and well-researched copy for your business.

Our writers will:

  • Consider the buyer’s intent
  • Entice the audience with the best feature and benefits to relieve their pain points
  • Include important details to provide the correct information to motivate purchase
  • Reflect the tone and style suitable for your business
  • Write easy-to-scan copy

With our expertise, we can write descriptions for all industries, verticals and niches. Just give us the necessary details you want us to highlight and we’ll stitch them all together for you.

Make your product visible with SEO-friendly product descriptions

We make sure that all copy is SEO-friendly, regardless of platform or marketplace – WordPress, Shopify, Amazon, Google Shopping – just give our writers the brief and they will get to work.

Our writers highlight the key features of your product and optimize the description using keywords. We also identify the product’s uniqueness, target audience and their level of awareness about the product as the basis of the product description’s length.

Do you have a required word count or keywords for your product descriptions? You can send us your copywriting brief and we’ll work from that.

Large-scale product descriptions

Our writers are skilled in composing a large number of product descriptions for your business. We can make your items look distinct even when you’re selling items similar or identical to what your competitors offer.


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