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Octoboard is an all-in-one reporting tool with multiple capabilities. Gather all your data in one single place that you and your team can use via cloud-based systems.

Whether it be checking on your web analytics, boosting your email marketing efforts or improving your SEO, Octoboard is able to fully integrate with your various platforms and keep you focused on your current business goals.

Gain insights with over 200 pre-defined templates tailored to your needs for your internal team or clients and monitor trends and save hours on marketing decisions with USource and Octoboard ready to be utilized.

Be able to budget your ad campaigns and keep track of your efforts by having us review and collect your data from your clicks, leads and conversions for optimal marketing support, including all your ecommerce plans to maximize revenue.

Be motivated to see your progress from all your major platforms from Octoboard; Paypal, Reddit, Stripe and over 2,000 Zapier applications in real-time and share it with your TV monitors, client portals, embedded dashboards or even automated reports sent directly to your team/client’s inbox.

Octoboard comes with a bunch of great features:

  • Realtime data
  • Office TV and device management
  • Automated updates via Slack or mail
  • Cross-channel templates
  • SEO audits
  • Keyword rank tracker
  • SAAS Analytics
  • And much more



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