Hire Zendesk Specialists


Hire Zendesk Specialists

Zendesk is a customer support platform that lets you connect with customers on any channel. It is a CRM platform that gives you a complete picture of the customer, using any data from anywhere.

Depending on where your customers communicate – social media, text message, email, telephone, instant messenger – Zendesk will keep you connected and responding to them in real-time.

Better your relationship with your customers with Zendesk, an open platform built to work with all your business applications, giving you the time and ability to build the best customer experience with ease.

Zendesk offers knowledge based software solutions that help you create, organize and share customer support content across a wide range of applications and platforms.

Reduce the load on your customer support team. No longer will they have to multiple logins and disjointed communication. Zendesk centralizes your support, regardless of where your customers contact you. Reduce duplication and keep on-top of clients who message you from multiple platforms.

Integrate widgets seamlessly with Zendesk embeddables, which are a combination of Mobile SDKs (Software Development Kits) and web widgets, allowing developers to embed Zendesk functionality natively into any application.

Tackle support, sales and customer engagement with Zendesk and USource at your side. Keep the conversation flowing with your potential customers, and create an experience that would keep them coming back.



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