United Kingdom Based Businesses – Philippines Digital Staff.


USource is the engine room behind some of the leading digital agencies globally. We’re also the client-facing digital agency to known startups and an extensive list of small, medium and large businesses based in the United Kingdom.

What we do:

  • Facebook Paid Advertising
  • Google Adwords
  • Smart Display Campaigns (SDC)
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Web Development
  • Automation
  • Ecommerce Operations
  • Back Office Operations
  • Live Chat

Hire one digital team member, or an entire team with and end-to-end digital solution; from building awareness and leads (advertising, SEO, social), right through to digital customer support (live chat, back office administration 24/7).

Depending on how much digital work you need to outsource, choose from one of our three hiring options.


Outsourcing from the United Kingdom to a digital specialist or team to drive your online initiatives.

Flexible staffing arrangements. No lock in contracts. Ability to scale as your business grows.

USource Digital Team Members

All USource team members work from USource’s offices, in small agile teams with team managers who oversee their work output, attendance, performance, and the security of your company data and intellectual property.

Internet Connectivity & Power

USource uses multiple 200+mbps optic fiber internet connections with ADSL redundancy. For power, in case of a powercut or brown out, we have backup generators keeping us online and available.

Freelancers vs USource

Many freelancers in South East Asia do not pay income tax, even though by law they are required to do so. We’ve found many of our clients, even the larger ones, are unaware of this (as they never thought to ask their freelancers if they pay tax). It can leave the client exposed to negative public relations (association with sweatshops), moral dilemmas, and legal consequences, especially if the brand is well known.

USource, and its employees, are 100% compliant with the Philippine Labor code and tax laws via it’s Philippines company, USource Global Services, Inc. While all client agreements and payments are managed by USource Pty Ltd, our parent company.

Month-to-Month Agreement

For digital teams of less than 10 full-time team members there are no lock-in contracts. If you decide to proceed you will receive an initial invoice. This will lock in the hours of your team member/s to work for you. If payment is not received your team member/team will be reassigned to another client and they may not become available again. Future invoicing occurs monthly, at the beginning of the calendar month.