After Effects

Hire an Adobe After Effects Specialist


Hire After Effects Specialists

When you need to create website videos, YouTube advertising or any other type of video our designers and video editors can work with your brief and give you fresh, dynamic content that speaks to your audience.

After Effects is more than just a video editor, it will help you with:

  • Creating title sequences
  • Compost 3D rendered footage
  • Create 2D cartoon animations or characters
  • Kinetic Typography
  • UI/UX Mock-up animations
  • Removing objects from clips
  • Chroma key editing
  • Multiple other animation effects

When you want to create something that will catch the eyes of your viewers or have a creative way to show your visionary ideas through effective storytelling, visual diagrams or even mockup examples, After Effects will help you get your message across multiple platforms whether it be for App, Websites, Visual aid and much more.

You will be able to set videos in motion through animation keyframes or expressions created by our specialists to fit your brand and amaze your target audience. From a plain video, you’ll be able to create a product of high quality and professionalism with special effects, high-level editing.

Integrate your projects with the Adobe Cloud to be able to utilize all the programs that they offer like Premier and Photoshop along with 300+ software and hardware partners.

Once your videos have been created and edited work with a USource team member who specializes in video distribution and understands universal search for SEO. They can make sure your video is published to your website, landing pages, email, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and your advertising campaigns on Google and social media.

With our specialists, you’ll create an experience that your viewers won’t forget.



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