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    Virtual Assistants

    19/08/ 2020 | USource | Virtual Assistant


    Hire Virtual Assistants - Philippines Based - for clients in United States, Australia, UK, Canada and SE Asia.


    Outsource and hire Virtual Assistants for digital projects and tasks. Hire a team of VAs for large scale back-office ops, or if you're just getting started USource can connect you with a virtual assistant in an adhoc, part-time or full-time capacity. USource has a sizable talent pool of ready-to-hire Virtual Assistants (VAs). We have generalist all-rounders through to highly specialized VAs working across the digital spectrum. From entry-level, low cost solutions to enterprise large scale operations, providing 24/7 support across rotating teams. Our virtual assistant team members will help you:
    • Back Office Support
    • Data Entry & Management
    • Application & Account Verification
    • Transaction & Order Processing
    • Inventory Management & Invoicing
    • Transaction & Order Processing
    • Human & Manual Verifiers
    • Administration & Operational Support
    • Social & Community Management
    • Customer Service & Support
    • Specialist Digital Support - Advertising, SEO, Design, Development, Ecommerce, Email, 24/7 Customer Support
    Depending on your advertising requirements we can help you build out a specialised team of digital advertisers with:
    • Dedicated Team Members
    • Flexible Offshore Staffing
    • Casual, Part-time, Full-time, Teams
    • Large Scale Enterprise Solutions
    Get in touch with us and we will guide you on connecting with USource virtual assistants.

    Virtual Assistants - Philippines Based

    USource is an Australian and Philippines incorporated company, assisting a worldwide client list, from the United States and other English speaking countries. Our operations-based staff and virtual assistants are located in the Philippines. Unless it's a large scale, enterprise solution your VA is already working for USource full-time as an employee.

    How much does a Virtual Assistant cost?

    It really depends. Here's some variables to consider:
    • Skills & Experience - highly skilled digital specialists vs generalist all-rounders
    • Do you require adhoc, casual assistance or full-time support
    • Are your hiring for a startup or an enterprise solution requiring large scale resourcing
    • Does your company require specific shift or 24 hour assistance
    Virtual Assistants (VAs) come in all shapes and sizes, and costs. Share your requirements with us. A USource client manager will guide you, get you connected and be your point-of-contact for as long as you work with USource team members.

    Do I have direct contact with my Virtual Assistant

    Yes. Our employees are your team members. USource provides the structure, the know-how, processes while you focus on your business with the support of your USource virtual assistant. When you work with USource you get the full support of our operations:
    • Team Members - our virtual assistants who work directly for you as part of your business
    • Client & Staffing Managers - connect you with our talent pool
    • Accounts Team - responsible for time tracking management and client invoicing
    • Team Managers - working in the background and overseeing your team members or teams
    • Productivity Managers - overseeing team member and team productivity
    • Compliance Team - keeping your sensitive information secure
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