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USource Covid-19 Response & Beyond 2020

26/08/ 2020   |   USource  |   Future of Work

Covid 19 Response

USource sent all our full-time employees to Work From Home (WFH) on Wednesday 11th March 2020, before the Government lockdowns were implemented.

USource Offices

USource Offices are open, and if a team member has a scheduled power interruption or internet issue they can come to USource offices if needed. We’re running multiple optic fiber internet connections at 300+mbps and redundant ADSL broadband. We have a backup power generator that can comfortably support 100+ staff.

Returning to the Office

USource informed employees in early, May/June 2020, of how we will navigate the pandemic beyond the initial shock:

  • There will be no formal return to the office until 2021
  • If, and when, USource employees return to the office it will be different

The Difference: Work From Home (WFH) / Work From Office (WFO)

Although Work From Home (WFH) is not to be considered as an ongoing or permanent alternative to working from USource offers offices we’re assessing employee performance, well-being, and productivity during WFH.

The main difference is that USource employees will not return to our offices with 100% of all employees, 100% of the time.

Options being considered may include:

  • Permanent Working From Home (WFH).
  • Flexible Working From Office (WFO) and WFH.
    1. Scheduled Days: Team Members will be required to WFO on specific days.
    2. Unscheduled Days: Are days the Team Members have been approved to WFH home but have decided to WFO.
    3. Team Rotation: Team members, along with their Team Manager and Team have Scheduled Days to WFH and WFO.

Lifting of Lockdown/Quarantine: Lockdown measures have eased in the Philippines, however, the safety of our employees is paramount. Also, many employees are still unable to travel or cannot find suitable public transport, so USource is maintaining flexibility on Working From Home (WFH) and Working From Office (WFO).

Security, Productivity, and Data Protocols

When WFH USource maintains the same security and data protocols.

  • Sensitive Data ManagementLearn More
  • Browser Management: All employees are using USource computers with Chrome Browser Cloud Management – Learn More
  • Productivity – USource uses productivity apps and software for time tracking – a requirement of our clients and part of our DNA since we started operating – which we use to optimize staff downtime and availability, enhance productivity, and pay the employee and team bonuses. All productivity hours tracked by our team members are fed live to our website.

    Prior the to the pandemic: Taal Volcano

    2020 has been quite a year. Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak Taal Volcano erupted, starting on Sunday January 12th, with estimates of up to 500,000 people displaced and homeless, including many of our staff.

    Taal Volcano is less than 20km from our offices, and due to the ongoing earthquakes and the possibility of further eruptions USource commenced disaster planning, risk management assessments and Work From Home (WFH) initiatives in the event of:

    • If Government/ Municipality decides on mandatory evacuation of office location
    • Physical environment change, including but not limited to; typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic activity or advisory warnings
    • An unknown natural, man-made, economic disaster


    As part of our risk assessment and to comply with the safety of WFH all existing employees completed safety questionnaires and provided images of their home workspace, which commenced on 20th January 2020, and is now part of company policy for all employees.

    Come March 2020, our disaster planning, which we expected to use in the event of a volcanic eruption, earthquake or possibly a typhoon was actioned due to CV19.

    Terminations, Layoffs, Furloughed Employees

    To date USource hasn’t furloughed or terminated any employees due to Covid-19. Our hiring process and 4 week intensive, in-person training has been shifted online and USource is actively recruiting new employees to assist it’s clients with their digital operations of growth of their businesses online.