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Copywriting is ideal for outsourcing. Today, even with the arrival of video, you still get convinced into buying something when you read powerful copy. Video scripts are products of copywriting, many podcasts too!

It’s what sells products, gets people to sign up for services, and makes people want to know more about you or simply choose you over your competitors.

When it comes to content, businesses today face a daunting task. The market and the social platforms are saturated. And you have to consider all the different channels you should be in from social media pages to emails and websites both yours and others’, as a guest!

Outsource your copywriting to the Philippines. Our clients in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia trust us to build on their ideas, populate their content library, and pitch content pillars based on their services and audience.

Access a large pool of highly-skilled writers who grew up immersed in the English language. Get the content you need without the high price tag of agencies and content firms in the US.

Get started outsourcing these copywriting tasks to the Philippines

  • Social media captions: Upgrading your content creation process includes thinking about what readers would respond to with a Like, Comment, or Share.
  • Product descriptions: Craft catchy headlines and descriptions to increase your click-throughs and ultimately, your sales.
  • Email copy: Connect with your target audience and promote your brand with compelling email copy, provoking enough to make the reader open it, read it, and click through.
  • Ad copy: Advertisements need to be well-written and convincing, and devise a distinct call to action that prompts readers to take the next step.
  • Blog posts: High-quality blog posts and articles to boost your visibility online, brand awareness and authority.
  • Site page content: Strive to make your website’s most important pages, like the Homepage, About Us, and Service Page, stand out from the crowd, attract your target audience, and aid in your efforts to expand your market share.
  • Landing page content: Create highly relevant landing pages compelling enough in design and content to encourage nearly anyone to share and opt-in!
    Sales page content: Ensure that your page’s content is laser-focused on making the customer’s decision to purchase your product, service, or program seem like an easy one.

The advantages of outsourcing copywriting tasks to the Philippines

Writing persuasive advertising copy can be very lucrative, but not everyone has the skills to do so, or the time it takes to keep fine-tuning the copy to make it effective.

That’s why our clients delegate copywriting to us.

Cost-effective copywriting

The Philippines has become a top destination for copywriting outsourcing because of its large pool of English-speaking talents and its relatively lower rates.

Faster turnaround

Copywriting is a labor-intensive, multi-stage process. It requires subject, audience and competitor research, drafting and edits, all considering SEO and audience appeal.

With USource, you get your desired copy without the labor pains of doing it yourself, trying to beef up the rudimentary drafts of AI, or outsourcing it to subpar resources.

Brand consistency

For credibility and brand recall, you want to establish a voice and use it across all your platforms, site, email, chat, social media posts. Your brand’s voice and personality should come through with accuracy and consistency. With USource, we make Your client’s voice will come through clearly and accurately when you hire a single writer to do all of your copywriting.

Website optimisation and content marketing

Filipinos are known for their stellar work ethics. This means we’re very thorough and we’ll check your website. If we spot room for improvement, we’ll make suggestions. Unique and high quality site content is essential to the success of any SEO and content marketing strategy.

It’s amazing how many Australian based businesses neglect their websites and focus on social or LinkedIn. Boost your online presence and bottom line through a well-rounded, well-done online presence, from your website to your social platforms, emails, and DM autoresponders.

Business Growth

You can turbocharge your company’s growth and increase profits when outsource copywriting. You and your local team can focus on growth strategies with the assistance of your offshore team.

Your quick guide to hiring copywriting specialists in the Philippines

1. Be clear in your brief.

It’s best if you already have specific assignments. We have a brief you can fill to help you get started. In it, we ask about your competitors, your goals for the copy, the word count. We can make suggestions, but essentially, you do want to look around a bit so you know what to ask for.

2. Ask about rates and be frank about your budget.

Like other fields, established copywriters charge more than newcomers. Our rates have a big margin of difference compared to writers and agencies in the US, but quality isn’t cheap, and you shouldn’t trust those who offer supposed quality at very low rates.

So let us know and we can give you estimates that fit within your budget. For example, we can work with weekly hour limits and spread out content over two weeks instead of our usual quicker turnaround.

3. Discover how the writer works with you.

It’s best to test a copywriter’s skills on a small, non-urgent project. At USource, we offer a free trial. It goes both ways. We see how you communicate and you also get to test your writer’s abilities. You can give feedback on the trial draft to steer the writer in the direction you want. See how they respond and take action on editorial comments.


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