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Graphic design is perhaps one of the most widely outsourced tasks. We’re visual creatures, every message is more effective in clean but eye-catching designs.

You don’t need expensive boutique agencies to accomplish your design concepts. Join other Australian-based businesses who keep coming back to our graphic designers in the Philippines.

Get started outsourcing these graphic design tasks to the Philippines

Like other types of content, your design collaterals contribute to your brand voice and your conversions.

  • Icons and logos: Customise your branding with amasing details to impress your clients and make yourself memorable online. Our graphic designers take your brand style and values to create clean, simple, but beautiful graphics that stand out.
  • Social media graphics: Influence your audience through posts that reflect your brand. We design persuasive, professional, and remarkable content based on customer insights
  • Video: Hook and engage your customers with video. Improve your brand awareness, click rates and increase your audience with original video content.
  • Web Design: Make your messages memorable and easy to digest, especially for landing pages and home pages, where you hook your target audience into becoming paying clients
  • Style Guides: Standardise your fonts, colors, themes for everyone to use in all company materials.
  • Visual Assets: Support your brand with templates and assets that represent your identity – graphic images, slide decks, designed pdfs, infographics.
  • Product Packaging: Utilise eye-catching colors, typography, and graphics in your packaging and entice customers to choose you over your competitors
  • Advertising: Attract and convert your traffic to customers with graphics for display ads online and on social media

The advantages of outsourcing graphic design to the Philippines


Perhaps the biggest advantage for Australian businesses: outsourcing graphic design to us is less expensive than American agencies and designers by a huge margin.

Smooth communication

Filipinos are fluent in English, and our team of graphic designers are adept at listening to what you need, knowing your brand and preferences, and understanding your audience to create graphics that help achieve your objectives.

Post-project support

We don’t submit it and leave it. Our clients keep coming back to us because we stay connected to you for edits, new projects, and other consecutive tasks you may need done.

Your quick guide to outsourcing graphic design to the Philippines

Look around for ideas so you can have a clear brief.

It’s always best if you come to your designer with concepts we can play with. Don’t worry, you won’t have to design it– but we won’t say no to specific ideas either!

Don’t pigeonhole yourself to your industry and format.

You’ll be surprised how designers who may not have worked in your industry before can nevertheless deliver outstanding designs that is both recognisable in your niche and fresh enough to make you stand out.

Commission designers who are easy to work with.

Communication is crucial when outsourcing designers. When you outsource graphic design to the Philippines, you skip the language barrier common to most outsourcing projects. Filipinos understand your language, making it easier for you to update, tweak, subtract, or add more to the design.

Give our graphic designers a trial task and see how they respond and work with feedback. At USource, we accomplish this through a free trial. It goes both ways: we also find out what it’s like to work with you.


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