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Social media never sleeps. Outsourcing your social media management helps you connect with your audience through regular posts and timely responses. Engagement is more than likes and replies but riding the wave of current events in your niche. When you own a business, you don’t have time for that even if it’s also important and beneficial.

Depending on your industry, social media can be a huge undertaking that moves the needle for one or more of your KPIs.

Join a host of other Australian based companies who leverage the Philippines’ large pool of highly educated, English-speaking social media specialists.

Get started outsourcing these social media management tasks to the Philippines

Some of the popular remote roles placed with social media management include:

  • Social Research and Planning: New features, market trends, or upgrades in technology. Trending hashtags and current events you should chime in. Your audience demographics.
  • Publishing and Managing Organic and Sponsored Posts: Content calendars with themed and impromptu posts for consistent and relevant online activity. We can convert or support your ideas and expertise into attention-grabbing posts and valuable content through effective captions and graphics.
  • Social Media Copywriting: One-liners and long-form posts both have their own powers in audience engagement, persuasion and conversion. We look at your business’s values and unique selling points.
  • Social Media Graphics: A visually-strong business presence showcases the uniqueness of your brand and our team of graphic designers are equipped with creative and engaging marketing tools that can help you connect with your audiences better.
  • Analysis and Monitoring: We can use these insights to define your content strategy and determine the results of your business efforts.
  • Brand Consistency: A unified message helps everyone understand your proposition and improves customer experience and brand awareness. We help our clients establish a unified theme across all social media channels.

The advantages of outsourcing social media management to the Philippines


Social media management can be cost-prohibitive in Australia. Outsourcing to the Philippines has a significant cost difference, without compromising on quality. Build and maintain your online presence at rates far better than the hourly or package quotes you’d get from freelancers or agencies in the US.

Access to best practices

Clients come first in all aspects of our operations. Our team stays up to date with the latest best practices in inbound and outbound marketing in social media.

Custom, scalable solutions

Depending on your objectives, you might decide to hire just one short-term social media professional, or you might decide to quickly assemble an entire offshore team of marketing experts. We help clients during both off-peak and peak spikes in activity, like seasonal promotions.

English fluency

Filipinos are adept in the English language. Aside from Australian businesses, our clients are based in the United States, UK, Canada and other English-speaking countries around the globe.

Security compliance

At USource, our clients entrust us with their social media accounts and we take this responsibility seriously. We have compliance protocols in place to make sure your accounts stay secure.

Your quick guide to hiring social media specialists in the Philippines

1. Define your social media goals – What KPIs do you want to achieve? Defining your goals will help us strategise. Aiming for a certain number of followers would have a different action set for a goal of more engagement.

2. Do your research – At least some research to match platforms and timelines to your goals, or which pages you want to imitate or differentiate from, if any. This gives you a good foundation for style and tone. We can also make suggestions after you give us your brief.

When you outsource your social media to us, that’s it. We can finalise details and start work from there, with a discovery period to smooth everything.

Boost your social media today.

Focus on other important aspects of your business without neglecting your online presence. Your target customers will look for you there, so you need to be there to meet them.


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