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Hire Shopify Web Developers & Ecommerce Assistants


Shopify Ecommerce & Online Store

Our web development team can make Shopify simple and accessible for small business owners to start their own online store with its bevy of themes, templates, and applications. Shopify is great, but it’s not as easy as Lego where you can move and remove the pieces here and there.

Or you might be an established ecommerce business wanting to migrate and leverage Shopify’s feature packed ecommerce solutions.

Whichever the case, you can focus on growing your business. Hire our Shopify Developers to take care of the technical aspects, and our Shopify assistants can assist you with the growth, marketing and administration of your ecommerce business.


Shopify Plus – Large-Scale Ecommerce / Enterprise Ecommerce

Yes. Shopify Plus is purposely built for enterprise ecommerce clients. In the words of Shopify, “You don’t need a thousand days to install software, an army of developers to support it, or millions of dollars to run it.” You just need USource Shopify developers and ecommerce assistants for day-to-day management.

Whether you’re a high-profile fashion brand, furniture retailer or health supplement retailer Shopify Plus developers at USource can implement top level features which in days gone by would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in development work and ongoing customization:

    • Create cutting-edge shopping experiences
    • Built-in augmented reality
    • 3D
    • Product Videos
    • Shopify’s API and SDK technology to integrate with apps and fulfilment services
    • Utilize Shopify Flow for ecommerce automation
    • Connect and integrate your ecommerce, marketing, fulfilment and tech stacks

Shopify Assistants & Customer Support

Regardless of size USource has an ecommerce solution for your business. Starting up? Not a problem. A mid-level developer and a part-time Shopify assistant should do the trick.

Large scale, enterprise ecommerce solution needed? We’re ready with 24/7 rotating customer support teams, with marketing and technical support specialists to work with your existing team, or USource can work in a fully outsource, offshore capacity.

USource can provide end-to-end ecommerce support:

Ecommerce Marketing

  • Digital Advertising – Google Shopping, Amazon Ads, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms
  • Search Engine Optimization and Shopify store optimization for maximum visibility and traction
  • Product and Website Copywriting, Design and Video Creation/ Editing
  • Organic Social – Facebook, Instagram, Community Management and FB Messenger real-time, human response
  • Affiliate channel and affiliate marketing management
  • Podcast, You Tube and influencer marketing

Ecommerce Administration & Back Office

  • Website updates and product management
  • Ecommerce inventory management
  • Accounts and customer verification services
  • Order processing, shipment and delivery tracking
  • Marketplace management – Amazon, AliExpress, Etsy, eBay
  • Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) – workflow, inventory analytics, reconciling, recalling, restock
  • Listing review management – feedback monitoring, keyword ranking, analysis
  • Payment Processing, Refunds, Chargebacks

Ecommerce Customer Support

  • Customer support ticketing Zenkdesk, Freshdesk, Gorgias
  • Website live chat pre and post sale customer support
  • 24/7 multi-team, rotating shift, customer support available
  • Multi-channel centralized and single-dashboard communication solutions for all comms channels – live chat, email, FB Messenger, Instagram, phone calls, Whatsapp

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