Scenerios When You Should Choose Outsourcing

3 Scenarios When You Should Definitely Choose Outsourcing

23/07/ 2015   |   USource Team  |   Outsourcing

Don’t know for sure if you should outsource or hire someone traditionally? Here are 3 cases when picking outsourcing is the best decision for your business.

Australian entrepreneurs has been outsourcing jobs for years. Europe has quickly caught on. The US is full of outsourcing companies as well as small businesses and medium to big-shot companies who choose outsourcing over local hires. In Upwork (formerly oDesk; Elance-oDesk, based in California), 1.3 million Filipinos offer their skills in a wide range of outsourced work, from administrative to web development. That’s a huge pool of talent, and a huge chunk of the overall 9.7million registered members of the biggest and most trusted freelancer site.

So when should you outsource? There are pros and cons of outsourcing, same as anything else, but virtual assistants are gaining a reputation for their superhero style: go in, get the job done. Finished.

Keep them on or finish the contract as you see fit. After you part ways, you only need to flash the bat signal when you need them again.

Here are the scenarios where you should definitely choose outsourcing over traditional hiring:

1. When you need a skill or talent you currently lack in your existing team.

Or perhaps you’re an entrepreneur doing it lone ranger style and it’s been going nicely enough from the beginning, but now you’ve reached the sought-after, most-envied part: small business expansion.

Or you wish to speed things up in getting there by focusing your attention rather than spreading it too thin in taking care of everything, learning everything, doing everything, sometimes happily and sometimes not.

Hire skilled virtual assistants. That’s what they do. They do things you can’t or would rather not.

Hire Freelancers with different skills
You’re a baker. A startup bakery bakes–someone else has to make the website, someone else has to do the social media, someone creates graphics, and someone has to write the content. You and your partner are probably also writers but you don’t know SEO. And you may be experienced in social media–but you don’t know web development, graphic design, WordPress plugins, etc.

Outsource it.

2. When the skill or talent you need isn’t permanent or at the core of your service

You bake. After the website is made, the web developer and graphic designer have done their jobs. Your bakery can now downscale back to its core employees, and also expand to a writer or two to do the blog and manage the social media. It’s that easy.

Source from a bigger talent pool

With this flexibility and economy, your small business has the room and funds to grow big partly through virtual assistants and freelancers who thrive on an as-needed work environment–no need for an office even when you discover your bakery’s mountain of receipts now needed to be put in order for your financial health!

Outsource it.

3. When you’re launching something new or simply launching your company, period

A launch is HUGE. It’s not an opening, although an opening by itself is nothing to sneeze at either. A launch is a grand leap, with that towering steel platform, rocket noise, and an audience ooohing and aaaahing.

What you use as your platform, rockets and jets is up to you and the nature of your startup. To quote from the film, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (incidentally, the sequel to The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, in which they deal with expanding the Marigold),

“It takes teamwork to make a dream work.”

A virtual team helps make it all happen.

Your bakery is a huge hit. It revolutionized cronuts. Demand has produced five branches in three cities, and now it’s launching Cronutso– a shopping, creativity and gaming app where customers can design their own cronuts, order it, and use their points in the cronut crush puzzle to get discounts or freebies.

You and your bakers don’t know the first thing about making an app. Outsource it.

You and your bakers don’t know the first thing about advertising the app. Outsource it.

You and your bakers don’t know the first thing about press releases, social media marketing and other techniques to increase your online relevance, beyond making noise about the shop and the app. You outsource it to a virtual team skilled in tickling a target audience.

Hire Freelancers for peak-times

The result? A real launch. Far-reaching rocket engine noise. An audience oohing and aaaahing. More publicity. More demand for cronuts. More branches! Huge earnings.

Hiring skilled virtual assistants and freelancers is one of the best decisions (and investment) entrepreneurs make.