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How to Motivate Yourself and Your Virtual Team

2/09/ 2015   |   USource Team  |   Outsourcing

As more people embrace the gig economy and micro jobs what steps are your taking to motivate your virtual team?

As businesses reach out for more potential clients globally through online interactions, more and more are finding virtual assistants who can work remotely just as competently and efficiently as the traditional workers.

Leading motivated and well-skilled assistants requires strategic thinking, flexibility and enthusiasm. Keeping the cycle lively and challenging can be demanding. We have listed some easy and smart tricks to influence their thoughts in a positive way to keep them happy and challenged.


1. Look into the future and think of the happiness and lightness you’ll feel when you’ve accomplished what you need to do.

2. Beware of your business’s purpose and Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

3. Read a lot, listen a lot, watch a lot.

4. Challenge yourself. Discomfort inspires action.

5. Accountability.

Your Freelancers

6. Assign projects and focus on them one at a time.

7. Valued, integrated, informed.

8. Share what you learn and help them learn, too. Have a regular, open dialogue.

9. Comfort. Camaraderie.

10. Deadlines.

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