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Offshore Outsourcing – What is it and How We Can Help

7/11/ 2022   |   USource Team  |   Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is more than delegating business tasks. It is a strategy to be competitive in your industry, no matter your business stage, on top of the beneficial cost-cutting.

Nowadays with the global talent shortage and the pivot to digital commerce, offshore outsourcing is no longer a means of delegation. It also includes significant processes that when outsourced, speed up your business growth.

What is offshore outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing
Offshore outsourcing involves hiring a 3rd party or external organization to complete operations internationally, outside of your home country, and to deliver services – usually at lower costs – to in-house or onshore solutions.

This involves recruiting labor through international service providers with specialist skills, working in your required time zone if needed. The biggest stumbling block in offshore outsourcing is the language barrier. It’s less and less of an issue now with more choices of English-speaking countries to outsource to, such as the Philippines.

Advantages of Offshore Outsourcing

When you outsource, you are distributing tasks to experienced providers who specialize in those fields. You can focus on strategy. You increase your business efficiency by outsourcing time-consuming or specific tasks for which your company may lack resources and skills.

Common known challenges of offshore outsourcing are threats in data security, cultural differences, low quality output, lack of control and difficulty in communicating.

All these perceived challenges are easily managed through best hiring practices, communication and process standards. And then the advantages far outweigh the challenges: lower costs, more tasks accomplished, faster growth.

Top Countries that Outsource

Top countries that outsource

The global outsourcing revenue expects a $122 billion annual revenue by the end of 2022. Here are the top countries that outsource:

  • The United States outsources more than 300,000 jobs every year with 68% of companies outsourcing a part of their operations. They are the largest contributor to outsourcing revenue.
  • 48% of businesses from the United Kingdom outsource, motivated from the country’s talent shortage in specific fields.
  • Australia, Spain and Canada are also outsourcing to automate, reduce costs, improve customer service and address talent shortages.

Top Countries Outsourced

Top Countries Outsourced

  • The Philippines is dubbed as the ‘call center capital of the world’ with excellent customer service culturally compatible with developed countries. Recently , they are widening their depth of skills in digital for more services.
  • India remains the top offshoring destination. They offer a variety of services with experienced talents and latest technologies. They mostly specialize in IT and software development.
  • Ukraine, South America, and Poland also gained popularity as a player in the IT outsourcing industry.

How we can help

Businesses of all sizes can leverage offshoring and outsourcing for expansion and rapid growth. A 3rd party outsourced solution like USource can be your engine room, running specific tasks to build your brand, attract customers, serve and nurture them, maintain operations and grow your business.

IT, Development and Automation: IT outsourcing services make up 72% of all global outsourcing contract values. Computer programming, automation, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and app development are the common outsourced functions under this umbrella category.

Human Resources: 24% of small businesses outsource their human resources tasks to service providers. Outsource time-consuming HR functions like talent acquisition, performance management, payroll management, and compensation and benefits administration to focus on your business growth.

SEO, Digital Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Management: Optimize your website or social media accounts. Rank high organically or make your digital promotions worthwhile. Increase engagement, clickthrough rate, conversion rate on marketing campaigns or organic posts by outsourcing to specialists instead of DIY-ing and getting poor results.

Customer Support, Virtual Assistant, Ecommerce operations: Service providers offer personalized voice or non-voice support to satisfy and get insights from your customers. Outsource functions like data entry, email management, calendar management, booking appointments, and more outsourcing partners with 24/7 coverage.

Graphic Design, Copywriting: Large corporations are outsourcing their creatives to experienced and specialist designers and writers. Make your templates, videos, and content attention-grabbing by outsourcing graphic design and copywriting tasks for your brand.

We help businesses in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and Southeast Asia pursue and achieve their short-term ROIs and long-term business success. Discover and harness the advantages of offshore outsourcing for your business.