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Outsourcing Social Media: Why You Should Do It

17/11/ 2022   |   Bianca  |   Outsourcing

With over 4 billion users across the globe, social media has become an integrated part of nearly everyone’s lives. It used to be something that people used for entertainment, but now it’s become so much more. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have changed how brands present themselves in today’s digital landscape.

With the shift from in-person to online due to the pandemic, incorporating social media into your marketing strategy might be more valuable than you think. An effective strategy can be used for lead generation and sales conversion.

So, what exactly is social media management? It’s a broad concept. But, generally speaking, it goes way beyond ‘just posting’. It starts from the very moment a brand identifies who its target audience is, to creating posts, interacting with them, tracking the engagement and impressions a post has generated, and engaging with the audience in posts through commenting and responding to Direct Messages (DMs).

There are also technicalities involved, which require extensive knowledge of how social media works. One should know the right platforms, the right audience, and the right time to connect. So, if you’re just starting on social media management, you may want to look into outsourcing.

Why Should You Outsource Social Media?

Expertise, Access to Tools, New Perspective, Cost and Time

Social media may seem easier than things like SEO or web development, but it’s continuously evolving. There are updates and trends that experts should be aware of to better understand the digital space.

Social media managers have an eye for detail and a passion for communicating with people through different platforms. They should understand the right tone of voice to use to build connections with their audience, eventually converting them to loyal customers.

Compared to an in-house team, outsourcing allows you to work with experts who’ve acquired extensive knowledge of social media from working with various clients.

Access to Tools

There are a lot of moving parts in managing social media properties. There are writing captions, creating design works, scheduling, and many more. And, these could be overwhelming.

An outsourced team helps in streamlining all of these steps. This way you can save both time and money.

You don’t have to waste hours online trying and testing different apps and software. Social media experts and consultants already have their platforms and tools set in place and this ‘extends’ toward your company.

Outsourcing social media also gives you well-defined outputs. Unlike an in-house marketing team that might be packed with multiple tasks, an agency can provide you with clear results through reports and analytics on how your ROI is.

New Perspective

Sure, it’s easy to put content online, but cutting through, being seen, and creating engagement with your audience are the real challenges.

Meanwhile, an offshore agency that’s just getting to know your brand can see things from a fresh point of view and give feedback on what’s working and what isn’t.

Cost and Time

Different companies have different needs. Hiring an in-house team typically entails that they’ll have to work full-time – and this might be out of your budget.

An offshore outsourcing company can offer more flexibility when it comes to cost. You can set the number of hours or even the social media services you need depending on the scope of a project. This way you can manage the cost and align it with your resources.

They may have worked with different companies in the same industry vertical or niche as your business. So, they already have an idea of who to target and how to best deliver your brand’s message – saving you both time and money.

What To Consider When Outsourcing Social Media?


Set a S.M.A.R.T goal. Clearly define first what you are aiming for with your social media. Are you looking into having more engagement or impressions? Or have you already established a strong online presence and are looking into simply maintaining that?

Once you’ve identified what you want to happen, you’ll be able to better communicate and guide your outsourcing team. In return, they’ll be able to point you in the right direction faster and more effectively.


Prepare, assess, identify
Of course, outsourcing social media offshore comes with a cost, which varies depending on the kind of services required and the duration of time you’ll need the contractor or freelancer available.

You have to prepare and set a definite budget. Assess the current status of your company and identify how much you’re willing to spend on social media. And, how it will fit into your existing marketing plan.

Response Time

Data on social media response time
A post or even a comment could go viral in just a matter of seconds. Once people have taken screenshots of it and shared it – even if you try to delete the original post – the digital footprint will remain.

If you’ve posted something and it drew a negative response or impression, this could damage your brand reputation. So, urgency in ensuring that your posts and engagements are moderated frequently is a major consideration when outsourcing social media.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Social media metrics
If you can’t measure your ROI, then your marketing efforts may be a waste of time. Once you work with an offshore team, you should discuss with them how you will track the progress of a certain campaign or initiative for social media.

The good thing about outsourcing social media is that analytical data and reports are part of the service. This is to make sure that you can see the progress of the work you’ve hired them for.

How Much Does Outsourcing Social Media Cost?

Outsourcing social media can save you both time and money, especially if you’re hiring offshore. Many companies from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia seek talent from South East Asia.

The region houses the Philippines, which is considered an outsourcing powerhouse. The country is not only known for its proficiency in English but also for its low outsourcing costs.

Choosing to outsource varies in cost depending on the social media services and platforms, the difficulty of the project, the skill set you’ll need, etc. It may be on an hourly rate basis or per project or post.

For a small business social media management costs can start from $500 per month to $1,000, depending on the services you need.

These numbers may be a bit overwhelming but consider it an investment. With social media allowing you to establish relationships with both existing and potential customers, you’ll get exactly what you paid for and more –- high ROI.

So, if you haven’t looked into outsourcing social media, you may want to consider it now.