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  • Philippines – Outsource Email Marketing

    11/10/ 2022 | USource | Australia, Outsource

    Outsource Email Marketing Australian Businesses > Philippines

    Start Today - Get a Quote Email marketing is one of the most in demand tasks outsourced to the Philippines. Email remains strong in its Return On Investment (ROI), an indispensable part of digital marketing strategy. It's a great way to nurture leads, stay in touch with customers, and promote your products or services. Email marketing can be time-consuming, whether you're just getting started or now attempting to handle multiple campaigns across dozens of segmented lists. That's where email marketing outsourcing comes in, with Filipino specialists working on one email blast for occasional promotions or entire drip campaigns on Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and other email marketing platforms.

    Get started outsourcing these email marketing tasks to the Philippines

    Email management and marketing tasks include:
    • Tackling email backlog: Our email marketing team can help you defer and filter messages in the first place. Achieve Inbox Zero and get that fresh start.
    • Improving email response time: We can set up automated responses so your correspondents and clients feel like VIPs while they wait for a reply, if the automated response hasn't addressed their concerns already.
    • Setup and monitoring on Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and other email marketing platforms: USource works with the most-used email platforms to help Australian businesses. Set up automations and segments, and monitor analytics on performance.
    • 24/7 availability: For customer support helpdesk and peak season responses.
    • Segmentation and content customisation: You can’t keep sending the same emails to everyone. Segment and send the right emails to the right people, at the right time when they’re ripe for conversion. We use tools to set up automation for segmentation. Abandoned carts, signups, content click throughs, all get the right emails to nudge them along your sales funnel toward conversion.
    • Tracking and analysing campaign results: Identify the subsets of consumers who will respond most positively to your brand. Get valuable insights from your analytics to help streamline your campaigns

    The advantages of outsourcing email marketing to the Philippines

    Cost-efficient email management

    USource provides administrative and operational support for in-house teams that are tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

    Scalable email support

    Our clients in Australia can have entire teams dedicated for their helpdesk or a single person monitoring and managing their campaign on Mailchimp. Clean up your inbox or accommodate a surge of enquiries. Scale up and down according to demand.

    Access to top marketing talent

    At USource, we offer a complete suite of specialties for your email marketing: graphic design and layout, copywriting, segmentation and delivery, reporting and analytics.

    Your quick guide to hiring email marketing specialists in the Philippines

    1. Be clear about your goals. Increasing sales and increasing subscribers mean a big difference in your strategy. Email is midline task so you want to avoid premature engagement. We can help you get started either way. Do you already have a list of warm leads in place or would you need a landing page content campaign for email capture first? 2. Be specific about your brand voice. If you haven’t established it yet on your website or social, email is where your voice and style will shine. Look at your existing content if they represent the brand personality you want to convey. Try looking at emails and newsletters from other brands for an idea of what you want. 3. Be flexible about strategy. It’s not about sending x number of emails every week. It’s about visibility without incurring inbox fatigue, and sending the right message at the right moment to the right people. At USource, we can work with your existing campaign or help you start or polish one.
  • Philippines – Outsource Web Development

    11/10/ 2022 | USource | Australia, Outsource

    Outsource Web Development Australian Businesses > Philippines

    Start Today - Get a Quote Web development is a foundational component of your online brand. Get it wrong and you can be in the digital wilderness. Don’t DIY it. Outsource it. The Philippines is quickly overtaking other countries as a reliable hub for cost-efficient web development. Hire developers to complement your existing onshore development team or outsource your development work completely. Let us show you why businesses based in Australia are choosing developers, web designers and programmers from the Philippines.

    Get started outsourcing these web development tasks

    • Website Design and Development: Give us the brief on how you want your website to look and we can take it from there, combining your brand voice and offers to create or update your website into a place your target customers like to visit.
    • Conversion Tracking & Tag Management: USource has extensive experience working with industry tools like Github, Wordpress, Shopify, Webflow, Squarespace, and Hubspot when it comes to tag management and tracking.
    • Customisation, Automation & Integrations: Our specialists work with Wordpress themes, Shopify and other custom platforms and languages to give you the functionalities you need. We also support development work with no-code or low-code website platforms - Webflow, Squarespace.
    • Testing and debugging code: Benefit from a skilled and experienced workforce trained in the best methods for testing and refining code to ensure the highest quality and quickest turnaround times.

    The advantages of outsourcing web development to the Philippines

    Fluent English communication

    Web development rests on a foundation of good communication between developer and client. This is where Filipinos and their fluency in English have an edge over their competitors in Asia.

    Brand-match designs

    Each and every web designer must also have excellent aesthetic judgment. It's a sign of someone with good taste if they can imagine and execute stylish designs. Our repeat clients from Australia can attest to our developers’ keen understanding of web design.

    Reduced overhead costs

    Web development companies in the Philippines charge a fraction of what you pay for developers in Australia.

    Your quick guide to hiring web development specialists in the Philippines

    While the only way to know a web developer’s ability is to work with them, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of success. 1. Decide in advance what skills and experience you require from your web developer. Do you need a junior, an expert, or someone in between? The first and most important step in hiring a good is to be clear about what you want and need. What pages do you need done, and at what scale of work? Look around at other websites– especially your competitors– for ideas for design and improvement. 2. Review their portfolio carefully. Consider their work and style. Does their work fit the brand? Their quality and style match your agency/ company's? Is their style and quality consistent? Do you see something similar you want for your own website? 3. Choose programmers with a high aptitude and flexibility for languages and new software platforms It's great if they have a specialisation, but it's even better if they're fluent in multiple programming languages and have experience with various development environments. Transparency in client communication is a must. At USource, we provide a brief you can fill so we can skip long back and forths. We can start as soon as you give us a complete picture through this brief. 4. Use a short trial period as a test. Assign a single page with a clear brief. Give them free rein or a defined structure on design and themes. You can get to know each other’s styles through this trial. After submission, give feedback, or ask your web dev to give you options for certain elements to help you navigate toward what you want. 5. Get a price quote. Make sure to get a price quote from the developer. We always give full transparency about our packages and hours to help clients budget for the project.Upgrade your website today. Every business owner serious about expanding their brand's reach should discover the advantages of outsourcing web development to the Philippines. Have a top-of-the-line website without the high price tag.
  • Philippines – Outsource Graphic Design

    11/10/ 2022 | USource | Australia, Outsource

    Outsource Graphic Design Australian Businesses > Philippines

    Start Today - Get a Quote Graphic design is perhaps one of the most widely outsourced tasks. We’re visual creatures, every message is more effective in clean but eye-catching designs. You don’t need expensive boutique agencies to accomplish your design concepts. Join other Australian-based businesses who keep coming back to our graphic designers in the Philippines.

    Get started outsourcing these graphic design tasks to the Philippines

    Like other types of content, your design collaterals contribute to your brand voice and your conversions.
    • Icons and logos: Customise your branding with amasing details to impress your clients and make yourself memorable online. Our graphic designers take your brand style and values to create clean, simple, but beautiful graphics that stand out.
    • Social media graphics: Influence your audience through posts that reflect your brand. We design persuasive, professional, and remarkable content based on customer insights
    • Video: Hook and engage your customers with video. Improve your brand awareness, click rates and increase your audience with original video content.
    • Web Design: Make your messages memorable and easy to digest, especially for landing pages and home pages, where you hook your target audience into becoming paying clients
    • Style Guides: Standardise your fonts, colors, themes for everyone to use in all company materials.
    • Visual Assets: Support your brand with templates and assets that represent your identity - graphic images, slide decks, designed pdfs, infographics.
    • Product Packaging: Utilise eye-catching colors, typography, and graphics in your packaging and entice customers to choose you over your competitors
    • Advertising: Attract and convert your traffic to customers with graphics for display ads online and on social media

    The advantages of outsourcing graphic design to the Philippines


    Perhaps the biggest advantage for Australian businesses: outsourcing graphic design to us is less expensive than American agencies and designers by a huge margin.

    Smooth communication

    Filipinos are fluent in English, and our team of graphic designers are adept at listening to what you need, knowing your brand and preferences, and understanding your audience to create graphics that help achieve your objectives.

    Post-project support

    We don’t submit it and leave it. Our clients keep coming back to us because we stay connected to you for edits, new projects, and other consecutive tasks you may need done.

    Your quick guide to outsourcing graphic design to the Philippines

    Look around for ideas so you can have a clear brief.

    It’s always best if you come to your designer with concepts we can play with. Don’t worry, you won’t have to design it– but we won’t say no to specific ideas either!

    Don’t pigeonhole yourself to your industry and format.

    You’ll be surprised how designers who may not have worked in your industry before can nevertheless deliver outstanding designs that is both recognisable in your niche and fresh enough to make you stand out.

    Commission designers who are easy to work with.

    Communication is crucial when outsourcing designers. When you outsource graphic design to the Philippines, you skip the language barrier common to most outsourcing projects. Filipinos understand your language, making it easier for you to update, tweak, subtract, or add more to the design. Give our graphic designers a trial task and see how they respond and work with feedback. At USource, we accomplish this through a free trial. It goes both ways: we also find out what it’s like to work with you.
  • Philippines Copywriting Services

    11/10/ 2022 | USource | Australia, Outsource

    Outsource Copywriting Australian Businesses > Philippines

    Start Today - Get a Quote Copywriting is ideal for outsourcing. Today, even with the arrival of video, you still get convinced into buying something when you read powerful copy. Video scripts are products of copywriting, many podcasts too! It’s what sells products, gets people to sign up for services, and makes people want to know more about you or simply choose you over your competitors. When it comes to content, businesses today face a daunting task. The market and the social platforms are saturated. And you have to consider all the different channels you should be in from social media pages to emails and websites both yours and others’, as a guest! Outsource your copywriting to the Philippines. Our clients in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia trust us to build on their ideas, populate their content library, and pitch content pillars based on their services and audience. Access a large pool of highly-skilled writers who grew up immersed in the English language. Get the content you need without the high price tag of agencies and content firms in the US.

    Get started outsourcing these copywriting tasks to the Philippines

    • Social media captions: Upgrading your content creation process includes thinking about what readers would respond to with a Like, Comment, or Share.
    • Product descriptions: Craft catchy headlines and descriptions to increase your click-throughs and ultimately, your sales.
    • Email copy: Connect with your target audience and promote your brand with compelling email copy, provoking enough to make the reader open it, read it, and click through.
    • Ad copy: Advertisements need to be well-written and convincing, and devise a distinct call to action that prompts readers to take the next step.
    • Blog posts: High-quality blog posts and articles to boost your visibility online, brand awareness and authority.
    • Site page content: Strive to make your website's most important pages, like the Homepage, About Us, and Service Page, stand out from the crowd, attract your target audience, and aid in your efforts to expand your market share.
    • Landing page content: Create highly relevant landing pages compelling enough in design and content to encourage nearly anyone to share and opt-in! Sales page content: Ensure that your page's content is laser-focused on making the customer's decision to purchase your product, service, or program seem like an easy one.

    The advantages of outsourcing copywriting tasks to the Philippines

    Writing persuasive advertising copy can be very lucrative, but not everyone has the skills to do so, or the time it takes to keep fine-tuning the copy to make it effective. That’s why our clients delegate copywriting to us.

    Cost-effective copywriting

    The Philippines has become a top destination for copywriting outsourcing because of its large pool of English-speaking talents and its relatively lower rates.

    Faster turnaround

    Copywriting is a labor-intensive, multi-stage process. It requires subject, audience and competitor research, drafting and edits, all considering SEO and audience appeal. With USource, you get your desired copy without the labor pains of doing it yourself, trying to beef up the rudimentary drafts of AI, or outsourcing it to subpar resources.

    Brand consistency

    For credibility and brand recall, you want to establish a voice and use it across all your platforms, site, email, chat, social media posts. Your brand’s voice and personality should come through with accuracy and consistency. With USource, we make Your client's voice will come through clearly and accurately when you hire a single writer to do all of your copywriting.

    Website optimisation and content marketing

    Filipinos are known for their stellar work ethics. This means we’re very thorough and we’ll check your website. If we spot room for improvement, we’ll make suggestions. Unique and high quality site content is essential to the success of any SEO and content marketing strategy. It’s amazing how many Australian based businesses neglect their websites and focus on social or LinkedIn. Boost your online presence and bottom line through a well-rounded, well-done online presence, from your website to your social platforms, emails, and DM autoresponders.

    Business Growth

    You can turbocharge your company's growth and increase profits when outsource copywriting. You and your local team can focus on growth strategies with the assistance of your offshore team.

    Your quick guide to hiring copywriting specialists in the Philippines

    1. Be clear in your brief.

    It’s best if you already have specific assignments. We have a brief you can fill to help you get started. In it, we ask about your competitors, your goals for the copy, the word count. We can make suggestions, but essentially, you do want to look around a bit so you know what to ask for.

    2. Ask about rates and be frank about your budget.

    Like other fields, established copywriters charge more than newcomers. Our rates have a big margin of difference compared to writers and agencies in the US, but quality isn’t cheap, and you shouldn’t trust those who offer supposed quality at very low rates. So let us know and we can give you estimates that fit within your budget. For example, we can work with weekly hour limits and spread out content over two weeks instead of our usual quicker turnaround.

    3. Discover how the writer works with you.

    It's best to test a copywriter's skills on a small, non-urgent project. At USource, we offer a free trial. It goes both ways. We see how you communicate and you also get to test your writer’s abilities. You can give feedback on the trial draft to steer the writer in the direction you want. See how they respond and take action on editorial comments.
  • Philippines – Outsource Data, Reporting, Analytics Company

    11/10/ 2022 | USource | Australia, Outsource

    Outsource Data Analytics Australian Businesses > Philippines

    Start Today - Get a Quote Reporting and analytics is another task that can be outsourced, successfully. Whether you're an entrepreneur or an enterprise-sized business, we have data and reporting solutions for businesses of all sizes. Outsource reporting and analytics to Filipino data specialists.

    Get started outsourcing these Reporting and Analytics tasks to the Philippines

    Find opportunities through data from your online presence and stand first against competitors by outsourcing these tasks now.
    • Analytics: Strategise your efforts, identify your customers, and pinpoint opportunities with metrics. Boost your business performance with our data-based decision making.
    • Spreadsheet Reporting: Organise and store data for easy viewing of necessary information from your business and customers.
    • SEO: Fix your site’s SEO issues and make your website visible and even top the SERPs with engaging, informative, and persuasive organic content, supported by trending keywords relevant to your business.
    • SEM: Increase your quality score on paid campaigns to quickly gain search engine positioning, higher than your competitors.
    • Advertising Analytics: Collect important data and insights from your campaigns to streamline and boost your strategy.
    • Data Interpretation: Make sense of unstructured data with reports that visualise new opportunities, identify market trends, and name genuine KPIs.
    • Data Integration: Improve the quality of your data with integration, enabling data access and assuring that all your business-related programs collect crucial data to reinforce your business.

    The advantages of outsourcing Reporting and Analytics to the Philippines

    Cost-efficient insights

    Track your essential business information with our skilled analysts at a fraction of the cost of training in-house employees or freelancers in Australia.

    Effective data support

    Penetrate every business opportunity based on your website or social media analytics. We identify your audience and buyer’s journey so you can be right in front of them at the right time.

    Professionally-tailored business reports

    Recognise specific solutions for your business demand, backed with experimented options, researched data, and simplified reports from analytics, insight tools, or business intelligence software.

    Your quick guide to hiring Reporting and Analytics

    Indicate KPIs, targets, reporting needs Establish the KPIs and the necessary data that the person or the service provider needs to focus on, along with your targets. Create clear instructions with SMART goals to make the project concise with milestones and deadlines. Establish a communication platform Your data is important for your company and it changes over time so ensure consistency and clarity in communication. Be clear about your preferences on submissions and updates. We can set you up with Slack, or stay connected with you via email or your other preferred channels.