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Reporting and analytics is another task that can be outsourced, successfully. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an enterprise-sized business, we have data and reporting solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Outsource reporting and analytics to Filipino data specialists.

Get started outsourcing these Reporting and Analytics tasks to the Philippines

Find opportunities through data from your online presence and stand first against competitors by outsourcing these tasks now.

  • Analytics: Strategize your efforts, identify your customers, and pinpoint opportunities with metrics. Boost your business performance with our data-based decision making.
  • Spreadsheet Reporting: Organize and store data for easy viewing of necessary information from your business and customers.
  • SEO: Fix your site’s SEO issues and make your website visible and even top the SERPs with engaging, informative, and persuasive organic content, supported by trending keywords relevant to your business.
  • SEM: Increase your quality score on paid campaigns to quickly gain search engine positioning, higher than your competitors.
  • Advertising Analytics: Collect important data and insights from your campaigns to streamline and boost your strategy.
  • Data Interpretation: Make sense of unstructured data with reports that visualize new opportunities, identify market trends, and name genuine KPIs.
  • Data Integration: Improve the quality of your data with integration, enabling data access and assuring that all your business-related programs collect crucial data to reinforce your business.

The advantages of outsourcing Reporting and Analytics to the Philippines

Cost-efficient insights

Track your essential business information with our skilled analysts at a fraction of the cost of training in-house employees or freelancers in the US.

Effective data support

Penetrate every business opportunity based on your website or social media analytics. We identify your audience and buyer’s journey so you can be right in front of them at the right time.

Professionally-tailored business reports

Recognize specific solutions for your business demand, backed with experimented options, researched data, and simplified reports from analytics, insight tools, or business intelligence software.

Your quick guide to hiring Reporting and Analytics

Indicate KPIs, targets, reporting needs
Establish the KPIs and the necessary data that the person or the service provider needs to focus on, along with your targets. Create clear instructions with SMART goals to make the project concise with milestones and deadlines.

Establish a communication platform
Your data is important for your company and it changes over time so ensure consistency and clarity in communication. Be clear about your preferences on submissions and updates. We can set you up with Slack, or stay connected with you via email or your other preferred channels.


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