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Digital advertising is a mix of art, science and math. If you want results it’s best left to specialists, but the cost of hiring advertisers in the United States can burn your advertising budget before you start.

This is where outsourcing to English-speaking countries like the Philippines comes in. Delegating your digital advertising to an offshore team gives you access to affordable advertising specialists, allowing you to direct more money towards your advertising campaigns.

USource has a mix of advertisers who can work across Google Ads, Meta (Facebook & Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon and other ad platforms. When it comes to budgets we have advertisers who can get your first campaign live, right through to seasoned professionals managing monthly ad spends in excess of $USD100,000.

Get started outsourcing these digital advertising tasks to the Philippines

  • Audience insights & targeting: Identify and get deep insights about your target audience for the most effective messaging.
  • Campaign set up: Create a multi-faceted media campaign that speaks to your target demographic on an emotional and visual level.
  • Conversion Tracking & Analytics: Optimize your conversion tracking to collect relevant data for your business goals.
  • Top, Mid, Bottom Funnel Strategies: Align your marketing activities through visualizing the marketing funnels to develop strategies in reaching your intended audiences at every stage of the funnel.
  • Data Reporting & Insights: Put together visual representations of measurements, analysis, findings and recommendations to help your business make data-driven decisions.
  • Ad creation (text, image, video): Copywriting, graphic design and video combined creates powerful marketing campaigns across channels, or pick one of the three to augment existing ads and bring your business story to life.
  • Ad platform specialists: Monitor and maintain the health and performance of all digital advertising platforms used by your company to collaborate with external vendors, Tech and Ops to develop, test and implement new ad products.

The advantages of outsourcing digital advertising tasks to the Philippines


Reach large audiences and get your campaigns off the ground across your audience’s favorite online channels without the painful costs of advertising and digital marketing in the US.

Get fresh perspectives

Our team’s experience working with various niches can bring insightful suggestions to the table for your own campaigns.

Frictionless communication

Whether you already have your strategy mapped out or will want our input, digital advertising always requires communication. Our American business clients keep coming back to us for our fluency in English as much as our delivery in marketing. Skip the friction of language barriers.

Scalable campaigns

Our clients in the United States can have a single specialist manning their Facebook and Instagram ads, or an entire team managing campaigns leading up to the holiday season from Labor Day to Valentine’s Day. Scale up or down and match opportunities in your market.

Your quick guide to outsourcing digital advertising to the Philippines

Finalize your advertising goals– and your audience.

What do you want to accomplish? Boil it down to specific, measurable goals.

Answer these questions: What is your position in the market? What type of marketing do you need? What message do you want to convey? Who is your target audience? What do they need and how do you answer that need?

You need clarity on your audience as much as your goals. If you’re not sure, we can help.

Create a budget.

This gives us parameters for your campaign and we can also let you know what you can accomplish with your budget.

Establish your process for reporting and communication.

Establish a productive routine by fostering constant communication with your. Be clear about how you want the work done, and how often to connect with you for updates. Give prompt feedback so we can adjust to your preferences when it comes to reporting and optimizing your campaigns.


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