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Outsource ecommerce administration tasks to drive growth, profitability and sales.

Ecommerce has low barriers to entry. It’s so quick and simple to start, but once your online business gets off the ground you will need help. Your reputation and customer base can snowball overnight. When you outsource tasks, you make sure the snowball is positive: more sales, more happy customers, more revenue.

It’s a lot of work, keeping up with customer expectations for quality support. This is why US-based companies outsource their ecommerce back office and customer-facing support to our staff, located in the Philippines.

Get started outsourcing these Ecommerce tasks to the Philippines

Ecommerce support runs the gamut of customer service, order processing, product listings shipping along with an endless amount of administration work. Outsource these tasks so you can focus on growth.

    • Product uploads: Keep your product listings updated. Outsource catalog management and go the extra mile with effective multimedia for an immersive shopping experience.
    • Customer support: Answer inquiries and concerns, troubleshoot and offer solutions on technical issues. The faster you answer and resolve, the better your reputation.
      • Live chat support: Customers love it when they can connect with you. Live chat outsourcing is effective in giving round-the-clock, “real agent” responsiveness.
      • Email support: We help our clients set up and/or organize helpdesk tickets – Gorgias, Freshdesk, Zendesk. This is helpful in resolving both new and ongoing concerns from your customers.
    • Social media management: Tailor your communication to target audiences across various channels to announce your promos, promote products, increase engagement and strengthen relationships.
    • Quality Assurance: Off-site, our experience and expertise in quality assurance deals with customer communications to gather feedback and take action on customer concerns.
    • Inventory Management: We help with tools and platforms so you have a bird’s eye view of your inventory, which products move fastest and slowest, and the latest emerging product trends.
    • Order Processing: Helping you list all of your transactions and endorsing you to a more streamlined process of managing client orders.
    • Shipping and logistics: Get help with security, tracking, signature, specialty, and customization of express services from our staff so that your packages reach customers on time and in great condition.
    • Accounting and Bookkeeping: Our skilled team can assist with accounting platforms to streamline your books and help you stay on top of fiscal deadlines.

The advantages of outsourcing Ecommerce tasks to the Philippines

Neutral accents

Filipino VAs are known for their neutral English accent and their ability to understand various regional accents. This is a valuable skill for providing excellent customer service without the friction of language barriers.

At USource, we have mock calls to analyze and polish enunciation and responses that can adapt to all situations.

24/7 customer service

Decrease churn and build loyalty through lightning fast responses, whether on chat, tags on social media, or email.

USource staff are well-versed in interacting with consumers in a variety of contexts, across all channels, email, chat, or phone.

Cost-efficient task coverage

Outsourcing is a competitive business investment. You accomplish more tasks and spend less than the average costs for hiring in the United States.

Scalable and flexible

Ecommerce has peak and off-seasons. Upgrade or downshift according to demand. Our clients in the United States have entire teams or a single person managing their business tasks, as needed. Our specialists are also available night and weekend shifts to provide 24/7 support or work with US time zones.

Your quick guide to hiring Ecommerce support associates

Identify your priorities. Think of what your business needs and what you want to achieve. Have a thorough run-down of the tasks you need to outsource. What’s most urgent? What’s eating huge chunks of your time?

The right agency, like ours, will assist you in getting those tasks underway with the right people and the right number of hours.

Set your budget and timeline. Do a little research to have an estimate of how long certain projects take. Or you can talk to us, and we can ask for relevant information and based on that, give you estimates according to our years of experience. As a rule of thumb, fast and good are not cheap.

We have packages you can customize to your needs, and we can also work with your proposed budgets as much as your timeline.

Find your best match. We make sure our clients work with specialists who can jive with their task preferences and company culture. Always give thorough feedback so your specialist can make changes if necessary, and deliver work the way you want it. Our repeat clients often hire the same people, or we train someone new and make sure the transition is smooth and invisible.


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