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Web development is a foundational component of your online brand. Get it wrong and you can be in the digital wilderness. Don’t DIY it. Outsource it.

The Philippines is quickly overtaking other countries as a reliable hub for cost-efficient web development. Hire developers to complement your existing onshore development team or outsource your development work completely.

Let us show you why businesses based in the United States are choosing developers, web designers and programmers from the Philippines.

Get started outsourcing these web development tasks

  • Website Design and Development: Give us the brief on how you want your website to look and we can take it from there, combining your brand voice and offers to create or update your website into a place your target customers like to visit.
  • Conversion Tracking & Tag Management: USource has extensive experience working with industry tools like Github, WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, Squarespace, and Hubspot when it comes to tag management and tracking.
  • Customization, Automation & Integrations: Our specialists work with WordPress themes, Shopify and other custom platforms and languages to give you the functionalities you need. We also support development work with no-code or low-code website platforms – Webflow, Squarespace.
  • Testing and debugging code: Benefit from a skilled and experienced workforce trained in the best methods for testing and refining code to ensure the highest quality and quickest turnaround times.

The advantages of outsourcing web development to the Philippines

Fluent English communication

Web development rests on a foundation of good communication between developer and client. This is where Filipinos and their fluency in English have an edge over their competitors in Asia.

Brand-match designs

Each and every web designer must also have excellent aesthetic judgment. It’s a sign of someone with good taste if they can imagine and execute stylish designs. Our repeat clients from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and Southeast Asia can attest to our developers’ keen understanding of web design.

Reduced overhead costs

Web development companies in the Philippines charge a fraction of what you pay for developers in the United States.

Your quick guide to hiring web development specialists in the Philippines

While the only way to know a web developer’s ability is to work with them, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of success.

1. Decide in advance what skills and experience you require from your web developer. Do you need a junior, an expert, or someone in between?

The first and most important step in hiring a good is to be clear about what you want and need. What pages do you need done, and at what scale of work? Look around at other websites– especially your competitors– for ideas for design and improvement.

2. Review their portfolio carefully. Consider their work and style.

Does their work fit the brand? Their quality and style match your agency/ company’s? Is their style and quality consistent? Do you see something similar you want for your own website?

3. Choose programmers with a high aptitude and flexibility for languages and new software platforms It’s great if they have a specialization, but it’s even better if they’re fluent in multiple programming languages and have experience with various development environments.

Transparency in client communication is a must. At USource, we provide a brief you can fill so we can skip long back and forths. We can start as soon as you give us a complete picture through this brief.

4. Use a short trial period as a test. Assign a single page with a clear brief. Give them free rein or a defined structure on design and themes. You can get to know each other’s styles through this trial. After submission, give feedback, or ask your web dev to give you options for certain elements to help you navigate toward what you want.

5. Get a price quote. Make sure to get a price quote from the developer. We always give full transparency about our packages and hours to help clients budget for the project.Upgrade your website today.

Every business owner serious about expanding their brand’s reach should discover the advantages of outsourcing web development to the Philippines. Have a top-of-the-line website without the high price tag.


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