USource Virtual Teams using Hiver

USource + Hiver = Your Most Efficient Virtual Team

3/10/ 2015   |   USource Team  |   Outsourcing

What is a carpenter without his tools? A slower and much less efficient carpenter, that’s what. At USource, we make you superhuman, and we do that using the best and sharpest innovations around.

One of them is Hiver– and we’re happy to appear in their blog in a case study underlining how useful virtual assistants are to small businesses, executives, and pretty much everyone who needs to cheat the 24-hour lock of every day.

What makes entrepreneurs and executives smart and powerful: Delegating to virtual assistants.

What makes virtual assistants smart and powerful: Screening and using only the best and most efficient platforms for communication and management of data, updates, and projects in general.

We don’t settle. We don’t let limitations box us in. We search for ways to hurdle them and work around them. Just like life! In our case, we found Hiver as exactly what we needed to create a seamless and streamlined bridge between client emails and task management.

Everyone is in the know. Everyone is on top of things. Every task is completed and reported. The old system had cracks in it and things were liable to slip through, which we couldn’t afford and which made us slower.

With Hiver, those cracks were sealed.

USource clients are happy, and USource assistants are happy. Everyone feels great because the work done is done well! Win-win all around!