Strategizing With a Virtual Team

Strategize and Maximize Marketing Tools with a Virtual Team

16/06/ 2016   |   USource Team  |   Freelancers

Historically, merchants stood in their stalls or traveled in carts and hollered about their wares. Centuries and several civilizations later, business came online and the hollering got fancier. Thank heavens for marketing tools. To have an edge in this digital age, you need to be everywhere and know everything. You study your audience and communicate to build relationships.

Marketing is total: from your web design and SEO to social media and content. Running a business is full-time. Every tool saves time. If you already hired out marketing, knowing what to use can amplify further hiring decisions, and your virtual team can maximize the efficiency of these tools.

Marketing tools and a virtual team have this in common. You employ them to:

  • Increase your reach (likes, followers, subscribers)
  • Engage better with your audience on social media
  • Drive traffic to your website and convert them
  • Do all three efficiently!

Together, they’re a powerful resource to move your business up and on point.

Bonus: Most of these are free. Perfect for startups.

Curious? Intrigued? Head over to Duct Tape and get started on strategizing and maximizing marketing tools with your virtual team.