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Top 11 Reasons to Outsourcing Customer Support

26/10/ 2022   |   USource Team  |   24/7 Customer Support

Happy customers spend more. A customer who has a positive experience in customer service spends 140% more than those who had a poor experience. What does this say for your strategy? Prioritize customer satisfaction.

Your friendly customer support needs to respond and resolve queries fast for satisfying customer service. If the experience is positive, 69% of the customers would recommend the business to others.

Start with your customers. If you do not have enough people to answer customer queries, outsource them. Discover other reasons why 54% of businesses outsource their customer support to third-party service providers.

Top 11 Reasons To Outsource Customer Support
1. A reputation of excellence

Business popularity is not only about the name or brand, it’s about giving customers a positive experience. 74% of customers look for the brand’s history of excellent reputation through positive reviews.

A positive online reputation is crucial to succeeding in the digital landscape. It is a business asset. Not only customers, but you can also attract investors, clients, and partnerships, and motivate talented employees.

2. Building a loyal customer base

Loyal customers support your brand’s future releases consistently over your competitors. Like how 90% of Apple customers stick with the brand for more than three years. They may care about the price, quality, and convenience but they also care about the brand’s honesty and trustworthiness.

When you aim for customer satisfaction through outsourcing customer support, you build a community of loyal customers who are less likely to churn. Your customer support can engage with them on social media platforms. In return, they can spread the word about your business.

3. Word of mouth from feedback and reviews

Whether they share it online or through direct recommendation, you can get new customers with word of mouth. 74% of customers leave online reviews while 56% of people recommend a business to their family and friends at gatherings or anything they can associate the brand with.

Online reviews can make or break your business. People love sharing and listening to customer experience stories online from Facebook, TikTok, to Reddit. Companies outsource customer support to make sure they’re shared for something positive.

4. Retain up to 75% of customers

You can retain up to 75% of customers through excellent customer service. They are more likely to repurchase when your brand’s customer support offers proactive help, is informative, and is consistent in giving a positive experience.

Retaining customers has less expenses than acquiring new ones. 50% of customers will switch to a brand competitor after one negative experience.

Keep your customers engaged with your business and soon they can become your voluntary sales rep.

5. Getting insights/data from customer queries

Customers can ask questions and sometimes provide suggestions for your business. When people ask for support – sometimes it can be because your product or service is lacking something. Additional instructions, serving suggestions, or any differences with the actual product and packaging.

You can find gold in the pile of customer queries by devoting your time on the line. Outsourcing customer support means someone will document the call and the resolution for you to strategize for.

6. Increase the customer lifetime value

Increase your customer’s lifetime value by building a connection on your channels. Highly engaged customers can spend more when they have trust in the brand. You can find them on Facebook as a top fans or commenting on your Instagram posts.

Customers are more than revenue. Positive experience includes acknowledging their comments and reactions on your channels. Even for non-voice service, personalize your replies to make them special to your brand.

7. Quicker response times

Customer support is time critical and not all customers are willing to wait. Only 35% can excuse a 30-60 seconds response over live chat. And 46% of consumers expect businesses to respond to customer queries faster than 4 hours while a shocking 12% of them expect a response within 15 minutes.

90% of customers think that immediate response is an essential part of the customer experience. You can outsource customer support and shorten your response time by up to 10 minutes or less.

8. 24/7 coverage

Your customers knock at your door mostly on evenings and weekends. They reach out when they are free and this could be the time when your in-house employees clocked out. You can extend your customer support 24/7 by outsourcing to service providers with after-hours and weekend customer support.

9. Save time on training employees

On complicated inquiries, 30% of consumers are frustrated when they don’t reach a human agent. You can save time hiring and training employees by outsourcing customer support to already experienced CS representatives.

Service providers have scalable support. If you’re a startup or an already established business, you can hire more team members as needed. They are cost-effective and time-efficient solutions when you receive customer concerns that overwhelm your in-house team.

10. Access to technology, equipment, and resources

Your customers are looking for resolutions when they ask questions or tell their concerns. When customer support operations pile up, outsource to service providers who have the tools, equipment, and technology to look after your customers.

Service providers handle fluctuating demands using the latest technology and infrastructure.

11. Revenue increases with excellent customer support.

US companies lose around $41 billion each year after a bad customer experience. Satisfied customers spend more with the brand and they can be one of your marketing team, recommending your brand to friends or on their social media.

Companies with a customer experience mindset drive revenue 4 to 8% higher than the rest of their industries. 65% of companies can successfully upsell or cross-sell to existing customers. And 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors.

More than two-thirds of marketers say their companies compete mostly based on customer service. This means customer support gives you an edge over your competitors.